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REPORTING · 9th February 2013
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat has been buzzing about the local wolf population recently. After several conversations Thursday Night, February 7th, we contacted the Humane Society to learn more about the wolves in the community.

“There’s been this big wolf that’s been hanging around town, he’s been spotted, probably since November / December. He is a great big grey brown… we’re assuming it’s a male just because of the size of him,” said Maryanne Baumbach of the Kitimat Humane Society.

The wolf has been spotted on the Kuldo extension, the green spaces around Okanagan Park, Blueberry Medows and Kildala Elementary School.

She told us the wolf had not been bothering anyone’s pets although it had been seen in broad daylight. However, according to Baumbach, Thursday night, the wolf was apparently seen grabbing someone’s dog in one of the trailer parks. Others have suggested it might have been a wolverine.

Wolves have been a common site around town over the past year. Baumbach related to us the story of wolves at Hospital Beach near the end of 2012. She was called out to the beach on a stray dog call and spotted what she thought was a coyote. It was actually a wolf pup and it approached her expecting her to feed it like several other people had done. It was followed by a second and the mother.

The Humane Society tried to deter people from feeding the wolf pups because they were not learning how to hunt naturally and they could become a danger to people and pets if the food stops. It did not work and the wolves were put down.

Wolves have also been spotted in the Nechako Neighbourhood as well.

“The best thing to do is to keep your pets on leashes. If you spot a wolf, back away. Do not turn your back on them and get into safety right away. They can become territorial and if there is one, there is usually a pack of them luring and they will try to lure your pets,” said Baumbach.

She is advising people not to let their pets out at night for long and manage attractants which could draw wolves into your yard. If you spot a wolf, contact the Conservation Officers or the RCMP as wolves could go after a child if the child get between the wolf and a pet.

Finally, the Kitimat Humane Society is reminding everyone not to feed the wildlife. “You are just encouraging them to come in and this is not their natural habitat. Enjoy the beauty of them from a distance but just don’t approach them,” said Baumbach.
wolf versus family pet
Comment by CEM on 22nd February 2013
If you knew the wolves were there then WHY did you not keep your dog in the house or on a leash at all times ?
wolf got our
Comment by peanut on 11th February 2013
their was a two wolfs hanging out in the trailor park and the dick road circling around the trailor, one sits and watches on the dick road , the black one ran through our yard, the dog got takeing as we were trying to get it to come in side but kept barking at it and than the wolf grab it by the neck and ran into the bush by the dike road and than came back not even ten minutes later and was chased and not afraid of humans, the rcmp came and tried to look for the dog and the wolf , they were good about it and greatly appreciated for them coming twice as it came back. it was devastating to see that the helpless dog was kind loving and caring and a small poddle dog had no chance against the wolf , and not being able to close your eye at night after seeing that was hard and emotional for anyone who has a pet and people who are dumb enough to feed or try to catch it as a pet have no brains or common sense, that endanger other people lives, think people don't be stupid and feed them or try to catch it as a pet that's just stupidity . once kills , theirs no site of mice around or animal like before , two wolfs are in the trailor park one on each side circling around the trailor probably waiting for prey , think smart early morning and afternoon and early evenings , it was two big wolfs grey and with with black, the second one is huge and black , their more than two around town and hear them howling that their calling the other wolfs be careful their hiding and waiting to get their prey. it was a horiffing sight to see a family pet part of the family being attack by a wolf and taking into the bush and not able to sleep knowing their still out their and hoping it doesn't get anyone else pet. it's hard and plus getting into the garbage on garbage days be extra careful don't unestamate a wild animal where their one their more