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REPORTING · 5th February 2013
Walter McFarlane
Duncan Peacock got up to speak to Council on Monday, January 21st on behalf of the Kitimat Marine Rescue Society.

“The Society is requesting a grant of $25,000 to go towards the construction of a new vessel at the end of this year,” said Peacock. “Our project fund is now over $350,000. We’re looking at a total price tag of $550,000 to buy this vessel.”

He expressed they will be ordering the material and components for the new rescue vessel shortly thanks to continuing support from the community.

“We believe our society and its volunteers are making an investment in the safety of Kitimat and its guests but we need your help,” concluded Peacock.

Peacock expressed they hope to achieve a BC Gaming Grant of $80,000 this year as well as sell their current vessel, valued at around $50,000. The rest of the money will come from the support of the Regional District, the District of Kitimat and corporate sponsors.

Councillor Phil Germuth asked if Rio Tinto Alcan has donated, noting Bechtel and Enbridge were among the cooperate sponsors. Peacock replied there was a freeze on unnecessary spending, but they are on the list of groups they would like to sponsor.

Germuth wanted to know if the group could purchase the boat prior to having all the funds in place. He was told they could, due to the change in the tax system.

Peacock showed a series of slides of the people and guests they serve in the waters of Kitimat. He expressed there is no one else working in the Douglas Channel. While the Canadian Coastguard do join in bigger searches and fly up a Helicopter to help out, they do not have a presence here.

Later in the meeting, Councillor Edwin Empinado moved the funding request for $25,000 to the budget discussion on February 12th. It was called and carried.
Comment by Anon on 5th February 2013
Why does it matter if Rio Tinto has donated or not? I get that Rio Tinto is the biggest employer/company here but why does it seem like Council needs to ask about what RTA does every time societies come asking for monies? Surely if Council can give the golf course $100k to dig it out of debt AGAIN and can give to Shames Mountain, it can give to the LOCAL marine rescue group funding for their new vessel REGARDLESS of whether RTA gives money or not; afterall, that rescue vessel will benefit our immediate area.