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REPORTING · 3rd February 2013
Walter McFarlane
At 4:30 in the afternoon on Tuesday, January 29th, the Kitimat Fire Department was called to a chimney fire at 15 Bittern Street.

“On Arrival, the crews found both smoke and flame coming out of the chimney. They proceeded to move towards the extinguishment of that. With the chimney fires, we’re always worried about the extension of fire into other parts of the house, whether it be into the floor area or up into the roof, rafter systems,” said Fire Chief Trent Bossence.

Once the chimney was out, the crews made certain it had not spread into those areas before clearing the smoke out of the house. There was a small amount of water damage from the extinguishing of the chimney fire. The damage from the heat will fall to the building inspector.

Chimney fires are caused by chimneys which have not been cleaned on a regular basis. Creosote, tar produced by burning wood can build up in chimneys. It can get hot enough to ignite and burn within the chimney.

Bossence told us chimney fires are common at this time of year, even despite the mild weather, people are still using their chimneys.

“Make sure that you clean your chimneys. The Frequency is going to depend on the amount of use you put your chimney through and the type of wood you are burning. If you stick to the dry, cleaner burning wood, it’s not so prone to build up with creosote inside the chimneys,” said Bossence.