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REPORTING · 3rd February 2013
Walter McFarlane
The 5th Annual Rail Jam took place on Friday, January 25th. Fifty-nine young people from across the Northwest brought their skis and snowboards down to Kitimat to compete in this year’s event in one of 8 categories, from 10 and under to 18+.

“We are psyched because we have just enough snow. We have people coming from Smithers, Houston, Prince Rupert, Terrace and of Course, Kitimat,” said Marcy Rice.

Each contestant had a warm up period prior to the 6:15 pm start time and 2 runs to impress the judges with their tricks. The judges take the best score out of their two scores.

There were volunteers from the Shames Mountain Free Riders Club, the Snow Valley Skating Club and Rayz Board Shop. There were also lots of sponsors for the event.

Chance Healy told us the Hill had the same features in terms of rails and funboxes, but added two large wings on either side to split the hard features from the easy features. This way, the younger riders can stick to one side and the more experienced riders can stick to the other.

“We have some young skiers and some young snowboarders. I think our youngest snowboarder is 7 and our youngest skier is 5,” said Healy.

This year’s hill was built by Ian Pereira and Kevin Enmark- from Daudet Creek Contracting. It was designed by Tyler Vidal and Levi Phillips. Fortunatly, there was enough snow left in the parking lot to build the hill.

Here are the winners:

10 and under Boarder
1st Place Tosh Kranskopf- Smithers
2nd place Toan Kranskopf- Smithers
3rd –

10 and under skier
1st Place – Aidan Press- Smithers
2nd Place – Jake Thornton- Kitimat
3rd Place – Thayna Healey- Terrace

11-13 Boarder
1st Place- Jayden Haskin-Smithers
2nd Place- Caden Forster-Telkwa
3rd –

11-13 skier
1st Place- Jared Thornton- Kitimat
2nd Place-Trevor Flegel- Kitimat
3nd Place –Joey Parkes- Terrace

14-17 Boarder
1st Trent Bruhjell- Smithers
2nd Justine Hickman- Kitimat
3rd Cubby Fox- Telkwa

14-17 Skier
1st Place Colin Forster-Telkwa
2nd Place Alex Pidharny- Smithers
3nd Place Matt Kingsmill- Smithers

Over 18 Boarder
1st Place – Lee Miller-Terrace
2nd Place – Taylor James-Kitimat
3rd Place – Lans Kaldenhowen- Kitimat

Over 18 Skier
1st Place Cameron Hemmons- Terrace
2nd Place Joel McSworely- Prince Rupert
3rd Place Logan Malkow- Smithers

Women Participants
Zoe Blewet-14-17yrs skier- Smithers
Kiana Beth Moore- 14-17yrs-boarder -Smithers
Deirdre Lind – 11-13yrs skier - Terrace