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REPORTING · 22nd January 2013
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council received a pair of request for pre-budget approval on Monday, January 14th. The first came from Louise Avery from the Kitimat Museum and Archives.

“What I’m asking tonight is for you to consider committing the funds for the First Nations Display Redesign as soon as possible,” said Avery. “I want to use the funds to leverage other funds, like Federal Government. I’m writing a Grant Application for Cultural Spaces Canada and if I have the community funds, then it goes much better to obtain the Federal Money.”

She told Council she could also approach industry and ask for additional funds. It was a matter of having the community funding in place to get more money and it would be difficult to approach the Federal Government and Industry for grants.

Avery told Council the deadline was for March 31st. She is going to get an estimate from the display company.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff wanted to know when the money would be handed out. He was told February 12th would be the day they returned to Council for budget consideration.

Avery told Council she was looking for $10,000. She joked about making this the number she had in place regardless of pre-budget approval.

Feldhoff moved the pre-approval of the $10,000. “This $10,000 request shows some leadership will basically garner $25,000 additional funds and I think that instead of having the Museum Curator kind of purging her applications to Cultural Spaces, it would be good to show that we’re here and we’re waiting for them to kick in their portion as well,” said Feldhoff.

This motion for $10,000 pre-budget approval was called and carried.

“And now you don’t have to lie,” laughed Mayor Joanne Monaghan.

The second pre-approval presentation came from Fire Chief Trent Bossence and he was looking for approval for the rescue vehicle to replace the fire department’s Hazmat trailer and rescue vehicle, Service 11, with one vehicle which suits their needs. The project is estimated to cost over $600,000.

Prior to his presentation, Councillor Mario Feldhoff made a motion to receive the report provided with the request for information.

“The reason for the pre-approval for the unit is due to the process it takes to purchase a truck like this. It’s roughly a year to do this. By the time you do a tender process, than you go through the spec.-ing process of it,” said Bossence. “From that time until the time it is built, it is going to be very close, if it goes through now, very close to a year so I’m looking at the end of December to mid-December by the time we get delivery of the truck for 2013.”

He explained he had already done a quick draft of the spec. of the truck so Council could see what it looked like.

Councillor Corinne Scott did not think they had approved to replace two vehicles this year. She asked if it was in the budget and was told it was.

Councillor Phil Germuth wanted to know if the current trailer was worth anything. Bossence replied the cost of the Hazmat Trailer came from what it was modified with at the time of purchase. It came from a JEP Grant and was rushed through to boot.

Essentially what happened was another community did not get the grant and it was offered to Kitimat. They had to rush through the process of putting the Hazmat Trailer together in order to receive the grant.

“It was a very rushed piece of equipment that really does not meet our needs whatsoever,” said Bossence.

Scott wanted to know if the amount of time would take a lot of time. Bossence stated Service 11 carries their high angle and confined space equipment. Their mechanics told him it is beyond spending the money to maintain it. Bossence stated they are trying to combine several vehicles into one so they could be better utilized instead of having one vehicle per rescue.

Feldhoff stated he wanted to put it off to the budget because it is a lot of money. For the moment, Council does not know what will go forward and what will not. There are a few items he was concerned about and simply wants to put them all into context at the same time.

The motion to forward the request to the February 12th budget was called and carried.