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CONTRIBUTION · 21st January 2013
Kitimat Caucasian
ďDon't talk like one of them, you're not! Even if you'd like to be. To them, you're just a freak, like me. They need you right now. But when they don't, they'll cast you out, like a leper. See, their morals, their code . . . it's a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be. I'll show you, when the chips are down, these . . . these civilized people? They'll eat each other. See, I'm not a monster, I'm just ahead of the curve.
- Heath Ledger as The Joker: The Dark Knight: (2008)

Is it true that we simply discard people then they are no longer useful to us? Are our morals, and the codes we abide by, truly a bad joke? And are we only as good as the world allows us to be when the chips are down, when we break down and become nothing more than animals?

I believe the answer to all of the above is:


Itís a very hard reality to face and come to terms with. I mean who wants to face some very dark and real facets of society when itís simply easier to ignore or hide them from ourselves.

Some use alcohol, some drugs, and yet others create entire religions to explain away the parts of life too horrible and unbearable to comprehend; used to mask ones fears, contempt and hatred.

Our need to control; an established order that is heeded, no matter how broken or how detrimental, or how it hurts others around us.

I think all the pieces to this bleak and dark puzzle came together for me in Kitimat when the idea of an escort service in the community became the latest cause for concern and debate within this tiny little town tucked away at the end of the road. Out of sight and out of mind.

You see, those who live in such isolated and small places seek a sheltered life; one far away from the larger world, they find frightening, and seek out something much simpler.

Sadly they can never escape the larger world and this is why, now, one the smallest towns, at the very end of road, has now been found. It is being used to begin a war within Canada itself.

Kitimat has been used and very much abused for more than a decade. It now falsely believes it is witnessing a turn for the better. A new golden age on the horizon will return it to former glory if they just cater too, and trust the outside world; they tried so desperately to hide from.

How wrong they are.

In Canada there is one major issue which connects to all the others; and it is simply this: Money vs. Environment.

This is the greatest battle this country has ever seen. No one even seems to realize that a war has been started within our country; between our own citizens. Yet the majority doesnít seem to mind or care.

You should.

This all could have been averted if the status quo had just been maintained, but no, that wasnít going to do was it?

Escort services, Idle No More, and the one thing that brought about all of this: An Oil Pipeline.
The majority of Canadian citizens made a choice in the last federal election. They didnít vote for a conservative government, they voted for a regime that would seek only one goal; to sell Canada to the highest bidders under the guise of economic prosperity and jobs.

The majority agreed to this and by doing so approved a war against there own fellow Canadians.

Morals and ethics were cast aside for money. Canadaís soul was given away forever.

It started with the JRP hearings in Kitimat.

We were told that foreign radicals were going to hijack the proceedings; that Canadians against the Enbridge Pipeline proposal were radicals.

Minister Oliver as much as stated; we nothing more than homegrown terrorists.

The Canadian government had declared war on its on citizens and no one even seemed to notice or care.

The meetings came and went and, no, they were not hijacked, they were not disrupted. In fact they were peaceful and informative. Many came to make presentations and present valid evidence and information.

Those people were wasting their time. War had already been declared and nothing would change it because enough of there fellow citizens brought it about.

Letís connect some dots here: Kitimat was once a thriving community with a growing economy, well playing jobs and for many years it looked like the good times would never end and then they did.

Like with many resource communities before; it was the inevitable boom and bust cycle.

Industries with their highs and lows and profits not what they were, most either closed down or reduced their workforce, leaving Kitimat a shell of its former self.

Kitimat pleaded for help, it looked to its federal and provincial governments for that help. It found nothing.

But then, suddenly, those same governments needed something from Kitimat. Seeing how desperate and beaten we were, it was a very easy proposition to force Kitimat to accept anything to make the hurt stop.

They offered an oil pipeline: What they really offered Kitimat was a legacy of a future war and one that would open up the deep divisions Canada has within its people, its provinces and itís the first nations.

A Bill was proposed: Bill C-45

This was a bill that was needed in order to make the pipeline to Kitimat a reality. It sought to change rules, regulations and environmental protections that were in place. We were told this bill would lead to prosperity. It was actually a declaration of war against the first nationís people of Canada.

Idle-No-More was spawned from this Bill. You will hear all sorts of different versions of what Idle No More is about but know this; it all comes back to Kitimat since Kitimat is the reason for all the fighting.

Kitimat was desperate, the government knew this. They knew they were elected for the single minded purpose of economic growth at any means. This meant, once again, the very same war which begat Canada, against the first nations peoples land and territory which held the resources they wanted. If they werenít going to comply willingly then they would be made too. Sea Otters, Furs, Salmon, Gold, Forests, Coal and now the rivers and waters to facilitate the gas and oil trade routes.

First Nations took to the streets; they protested Bill C-45 and the intrusion, once again, to their lands and rights.

I can tell you from reading many articles online and seeing the comments left by the citizenry of Canada, I have never seen such hatred and racism in my life and I myself am not first nations. I am Caucasian.

So has come to this has it? War from within is it? Hatred of a culture within this country. Hatred, anger and stereotypes about people in the various provinces. Albertans dislike Quebec, Quebec dislikes Alberta, BC angers Alberta. Are you proud of the civil war thatís being created from within?

Is it true that we all really canít get along? or can we?

Its not first nation people at blame when we cant even live in the same country without needing our own identity. Maybe the idea of multiculturalism is truly bullshit when you get right down to it. The proof is everywhere.

So now whatís the next course in this war within Canada?

Maybe Alberta can secede from Canada and take their oil resource with them. Then when it eventually runs out they might think this mean old country and its transfer payment system wasnít so bad.

Maybe Quebec can finally secede as well and finally be their country. The one they always wanted with a distinct culture, all their own.

Or perhaps that oil pipeline will go through. When and if it does, with First Nationís people blockading it, the Canadian military will be called in. We will witness the war and its ensuing tragedy live on our TVís and watch a human rights and international shaming right before our eyes.
And it will take place here, in Kitimat.

So to you, the people of Kitimat, I hope you take the time to realize what your legacy will truly be; that your self righteous, moral objections to an escort service are pathetic.

At the end of the day, history will clearly show your morals, your code; a bad joke.

When desperate we can be bought off and will look the other way as our community is threatened, our fellow citizens, ignored, shamed and maybe worse.

Will we be proud of our future place in the history books?
No Worries
Comment by DR on 2nd February 2013
All boils down to two big provincial dogs snarling over a meaty bone (the black that makes the green). They'll be licking each other again before you know it.
Comment by CC on 21st January 2013
I urge everyone to read this month's Reader's Digest. It has an extremely informative and eye opening article about Kitimat and the proposed pipeline. The amount of jobs this pipeline will bring isn't enough to counter the repercussions of an oil spill should one happen. And if you do research and look at the facts (while putting personal feelings aside) I cannot see how anyone would even consider thinking of a pipeline. The risks are simply too great. This is a FACT. Idle No More started as a result of the Bill and 4 women investigating what it was about. Idle No More started in response, First Nations people realizing how they were to be affected BUT also how every single Canadian will be affected - how we are losing the land we live on, our rights as Canadians. Yes, Idle No More is taking on steam of its own but let's not forget how and why it started. However all I see and hear are racist comments and hatred being spewed about by Caucasions. All anyone seems to care about is the money they see First Nations people getting. The money may be being handed out but it is not that simple. Obviously there is a problem and can we not all band together to do the right thing and reach out and help each other? Understand each other? And along the way do the right thing for our land and our community that we have the power to destroy or to keep safe. That is our responsibility. If I were to be walking and found someone beaten on the side of the road I would stop and offer help. In comparrison I see a culture crying out in distress and all anyone can do is harp about how greedy they are. Look at the history, look at the level of self esteem, the learned behaviors. How can we Caucasions NOT care and not want to take part in retaining and safeguarding our part of the planet??? And how can we not just try to understand why our First Nations people struggle. Can so many of us be so closed minded? So unwilling to try to learn? Isn't life bigger than sitting in our house griping about other people? The key to understanding anything is to inform oneself as much as anything and if you have the ability to make a change to do so and then perhaps you have the right to whine and gripe after your every attempt.
Comment by Rory Brow on 21st January 2013
Another rant from someone not willing to put their name on it. Putting all the blame on Kitimat for the pipeline is a little harsh. Its not like we have a say in it or not. Now you need to take a look at the big picture, not just one thing. Look at what is happening. New business is coming to Kitimat, creating more jobs than ever before. And yes, that means an escort business too, which no one is going to be forced to work at or use. (Just like a dounut place, you can decide to have a cream filled or a double double).
As with everything, there is the good with the bad. Crime is going up, and traffic is increasing. Rent is going up and houses are selling for higher prices. So after looking at everything, all I can say is GO OIL !!