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REPORTING · 16th January 2013
Walter McFarlane
With the open house for PTI, which will be at the Rod and Gun Club tonight, Wednesday January 16th, from 7 - 9, Councillor Phil Germuth brought a motion he had made in 2012 back to Council at the Committee of the Whole Meeting on Monday, January 14th. The motion was made to establish a camp policy.

“This Council did pass a motion to establish a Camp Policy. We haven’t had any discussions and a part of the intent of the motion to have all of Council come up with their own recommendations and their own ideas for this to give recommendations to our administration of where we want this to go,” said Germuth.

He expressed he would like this discussion to come forward at the Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, January 28th. He expressed the conversation needs to be about Camp Policy and where they would like this policy to go.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff wondered what the rush was, pointing out PTI’s presentation set for the 16th. He said there would be feedback from the community.

“At this point, PTI hasn’t put forward a zoning change request, I was wondering if and when they do, there would be an opportunity for the public and the proponent to bring forward ideas, the public bring forward and we can reflect upon our desire to have a global policy on camps or whether we want to make our recommendations,” said Feldhoff.

He added he would feel comfortable responding to the proposals made by the groups. He did not think it was important to do it quickly. He would want feedback during or after the open house.

“I think the benefit of doing this sooner rather than later is the whole reason was to have a camp policy before another camp is here and we have everything set up and then we’re going: ‘oh geez, maybe this wasn’t a great idea to do this or that.’ Here we have an opportunity to put ideas forward,” replied Germuth.

He wanted to put ideas forward so they would be able discuss this with future camps. He expressed he just wanted a discussion.
Are you ready for this?
Comment by Gary Haupt on 20th January 2013
PTI is talking a 5,000 person camp on the View Point hill, for lack of a better description. Originally, residents were told all camps had to be on the other side of the river, but now there appears to be a change in attitude from the District.

It is my understanding that PTI has made it attractive to the District by suggesting that at the end of the 5 year use period, that some/all of the buildings and property might be used for low-income residences.

The only way this gets stopped is by letting your 'elected' officials know how you feel and by showing up at Council meetings.

Gary Haupt
Comment by Gary on 16th January 2013
I agree with Councillor Germuth completely. To bad Councillor Feldhoff does not agree but then again it is no surprise as this is often his position. I read these articles from council meetings and wonder over and over again,... who's best interest is Councillor Feldhoff looking out for?
Make a decision!
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 16th January 2013
Keep at it Phil! If the Council doesn't make a policy on camps, there will be no point in making one because the camps will be there, established in their own way, and it will be too late for Council to step in and say we want this and this and this. The longer you put the discussion off, for sure, the less input you can have: there will be no room left for your guidelines.
Comment by Larry Walker on 16th January 2013
What does it stand for??