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REPORTING · 9th January 2013
Walter McFarlane

Watch the Council Meeting online on our video website here

Bill Dawson, a former worker for the District of Kitimat, got up to speak to Kitimat City Council on Monday, January 7th about the lack of Mail Delivery on Farrow Street because of a nuisance dog. According to the discussion, the dog in question is a pitbull.

“Madam Mayor, there is a problem on Farrow Street. The Kitimat Branch of the Canadian Postal Service has on two occasions has stopped the mail for several weeks. One in 2011, the other, as of the 14th of November, 2012,” said Dawson. “The reason is because of a dog at large, and that’s by definition of the code, and an uncooperative owner.”

He told Council there were repeated attempts to solve this problem but the dog keeps getting loose, and chasing / scaring the postal delivery person. Dawson stated the owner of the dog had a meeting with Warren Waycheshen, the Deputy CAO of Kitimat and Maryanne Baumbach of the Humane Society.

He expressed the neighbours are being adversely affected by this dog. The dog is not a vicious animal or a dangerous as defined by the Municipal Code or community charter. The owner has been fined by the Humane Society.

“The owner keeps paying the fine. A maximum of $100 per violation, Kitimat Municipal Code impoundment and the SPCA referred,” said Dawson. “Because the dog has not seriously injured or killed a person, there is no legal grounds to remove or destroy the dog. However, by definition in the Kitimat code, subdivision 1, 5.5.1 and part nine, division 4, subdivision 9 4.2.25C: A dog running at large is definitely a nuisance as defined in Subdivision 5 5.5.1.”

He told Council the animal can be impounded and the owner can be prosecuted according to the Municipal Code. Dawson told the Council the dog has not bitten anyone, the dog is simply a nuisance who has now caused an inconvenience.

While not speaking on behalf of the street, Dawson did talk about his neighbour, Joanne Ong, who is restricted to a motorized wheel chair and has to go to the post office via taxi and chair to get her mail which can be a hassle. Everyone else has to walk and drive to get there.

“The Post Office Management Solution […] at this time is to install a community mail box at one of the intersections on Tweedsmuir or Farrow Street. Speaking from myself, this solution is unacceptable,” said Dawson. “The Post Office is supposed to deliver the mail to my home. My taxes pay for this service.”

Dawson stated he has met with the following officials: MP Nathan Cullen’s Office, The Canadian Post Supervisor in Terrace, Kitimat Branch Manager, Waycheshen, Baumbach and a local lawyer, Rick Wozney.

He suggested the responsibility for stopping the non-delivery of mail rests with the District of Kitimat and the owner of the Dog. Dawson stated: Because the owner is not complying with the solution, he must be forced to comply through legal action.

“Madam Mayor, this mail stoppage must not be allowed to continue. Therefore, I suggest the following course of action. First: send the owner, by registered mail, a very strongly worded letter with a definite compliance state under the mayor’s signature stating that he is to secure his dog in a manner acceptable by Canada Post,” said Dawson. “Second: failure to comply will, not may, will result in prosecution under division 5, subdivision 3, and subdivision 5, and division four, and this is in the planning rights: Subdivision 1,”

The Kitimat Municipal Code can be found on the District of Kitimat Website:

What this means is because the animal is running at large, the dog can be impounded and the owner fined (Part 4, division 5, subdivision 3, The owner of an animal or in possession of an animal which though excessive barking, howling, chasing a person / animal or disturbs the peace and quiet of a person is guilty of an infraction (Part 4, division 5, subdivision 5,

The final section talks about pets not allowed to cause any nuisance to neighbours. where pets are permitted when outside (Part 9, Division 4, Subdivision 1, This section also talks about how pets have to be properly chained, kept caged, or let loose only within fenced enclosures.

“This has just gotten out of hand. Everybody I talk to, their hands seem to be tied. It comes right back down to us here,” said Dawson. “The post office has written this guy and said, the only way they’ll deliver the mail is for him to get rid of the dog, or re-house it.”

He told Council there are two pitbulls living on the street. Word of mouth from one of the local residents when one of the dogs was loose might have affected the decision to stop mail service to Farrow.

Dawson told Council there is a line item in the postal carrier contract that if the carrier feels endangered or insecure, they can refuse to deliver the mail. He concluded by telling Council it has to be settled locally and someone needs to talk to the guy.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan stated she has gone to the house in question several times and she has never had any problem with the dog. Dawson stated it appears to be the uniform.

Monaghan asked Waycheshen if he wanted to address Council at this time. While he was ready to and Council wanted to hear what he said, Councillor Mario Feldhoff asked to hear the report under new business.

Under New Business, Councillor Mario Feldhoff made a motion: “I move that we enforce our animal control bylaw. If the bylaw is not strong enough to allow for continued mail delivery on Farrow Street, then we modify the Bylaw to ensure that the residents on Farrow Street have their mail delivered.”

Feldhoff stated it sounds like the dog is at large, and if the dog keeps getting locked up and the owner keeps paying the fine, perhaps then the fine should be raised. He added it was unacceptable for the people of Farrow street to not get mail.

Councillor Rob Goffinet wanted to hear from the Deputy CAO. Waycheshen explained this is a tough issue because of the limited jurisdiction in this area. He told the District could apply to the courts to seize and destroy a dog if there are reasonable grounds the dog may kill or injure a person on private property other than the dog’s yard or public property.

However, in the case the dog is running at large, they have the ability to ticket the dog owner. If the person pays the ticket, the dog is returned. There are escalating fines. There is not enough strength in the bylaw to seize a dog and keep it and the dog would still be returned to the owner.

“That does not satisfy Canada Post requirements. They are saying that the dog needs to be removed from the house from that time. That’s what we were trying to have, the dog removed during mail delivery. We weren’t able to get any agreements on that one,” said Waycheshen.

He suggested the courts might argue to restrain the dog, and they can do something if there is a breach. In other words, the dog gets loose and the District can enforce it. This is not enough for Canada Post. Because the dog is not Dangerous, they cannot seize it. They can only ticket.

He suggested they could look at other options with Council’s Direction. Economics usually forces people to take care of their dogs. In this case however, the dogs wandering has been too regular for their employees to feel safe.

Councillor Corinne Scott wanted to know about what the District can do to enforce the nuisance parts of the bylaws. Waycheshen stated the dog can be ticketed. Under the zoning bylaw, he did not think they could get the dog removed, only restrained. This is not good enough for Canada Post.

Scott wanted to know if the fine could be hire to make an owner more careful. She was told the Council could ask for a higher amount through the courts.

Councillor Phil Germuth questioned why the dog could not simply be left in the house, that it has to be removed from the property. Waycheshen told him: “They would like it removed, and then assurances provided through email or phone by the Kitimat Humane Society that says the dog is away during the time of delivery. The time of delivery can be anywhere between 9-5.”

Goffinet thanked the Deputy CAO for trying to come to an agreement because eight weeks without mail delivery was something he could not wrap his mind around. This is a Federal Government Service. “I guess the Mail doesn’t always get delivered,” said Goffinet.

He wanted to know where the Post Office was making this demand and what efforts have been made to remove the animal for mail delivery. Waycheshen told Goffinet this was being looked on at multiple levels at Canada Post. He was not aware of the policy but he was told this is a unique circumstance. The Humane Society has looked to see if there is anything they could do to remove the dog during the hours. However it was not agreeable to everyone involved.

Goffinet clarified: The Human Society was willing to take care of the dog for every mail delivery day for hours. Everyone in Kitimat should know when their mail is delivered. He asked the question: “They wanted 8 hours of apprehension, that was the deal breaker?” Waycheshen pointed out there could be other deliveries throughout the day, not just by the carriers.

“I don’t believe that it’s the Districts responsibility to fund the Humane Society to the point where they are providing customized service for individual animals in our community. I believe the District responsibility, and it’s incorporated into the motion, to put in place reasonable bylaws for the betterment of the community. In this case, we have 39 residents of Farrow that are being inconvenienced through the actions of one person, one animal and if our bylaws are not sufficient and we can’t enforce our bylaw to the degree that it needs to be enforced, then we have to change the bylaw, because it’s wrong. It’s a very simple matter, it shouldn’t even come before Council, it should be dealt with,” said Feldhoff.

He stated the District writes and enforces a reasonable bylaw and this motion should do just that. If the Post Office has a problem with this, it is their issue. The motion was called and carried.
easy fix
Comment by outdoorsman on 18th January 2013
be like telkwa every time your dogs gets caught the fine doubles 1st $1oo 2nd $200 and so on im sure they will learn to keep the dog on a lease as we do have a leash law ? but then there has to be someone to enforce it too by the way who is the bylaw person? hmmmmmmmmm oh its the same as the building inspector ya like hes gonna have time as we now have only one good thing peter brock isnt still here oh wait he only gives you hell when you grass in cut
This is a joke!
Comment by Another dog owner on 11th January 2013
This situation has turned into a complete joke.To simply not get your mail cause the dog may have gotten out is unacceptable.I have read this article a couple of times and who is going to enforce all these bylaws, no one.Meanwhile time is ticking and still no mail delivery to farrow st. This is very frustrating with no end in sight,put a community mailbox at the end of the street and be done with it,for that matter put a community mailbox at the end of everyone's street cause your street may be next that the mailman doesn't want to deliver to.
Good luck with that
Comment by SCG on 11th January 2013
Good luck with trying to get the bylaw officer to do anything in Kitimat ! We have complianed continously to the police and bylaw officer about dog owners bringing their dogs to the Golf course 12 months of the year, letting them do there thing and not cleaning it up ... The police and bylaw officer told us "we are not enforcing the bylaw"...
That is a postion within the district office that can be terminated!
Why pay somebody for a job they REFUSE to do!!!
Comment by Gaby on 11th January 2013
Seriously, the dog owner is responsible for the dog. Keep it locked in the house, as we all do, and it won't bother anyone. The owner is at fault, fine them on a daily basis if you need to. Make that person accountable.
The World is Going to the Dogs
Comment by Am I Hearing Right on 10th January 2013
The council meeting was taken up by half ( of what the public hears). Is it the dogs fault or is the supidity of man. When it takes a whole street,the postal service and a council meeting to control one dog and still no conclusion, I think then we have a problem on our hands. I am sure we have many more BIG problems in our community, and by the looks of it they will not be solved, if one dog can control that many people. Kudos to the dog.
Comment by kitimat1987 on 9th January 2013
as if there aint enough places to take a dog around here..come on.......... very simple...dont let your dog loiter the streets an get off your couch an take the dog out yourself! an if you are at work all day...leash it up outside...its just that easy...if ya cant follow the rules then DONT OWN A DOG. there are responsibilities other than having to just feed your dog!!!
Dog restraint.
Comment by Eddie on 9th January 2013
I agree wholeheartedly with MS
Canada Post
Comment by MS on 9th January 2013
Canada Post needs to put their big people underwear on and get over this. I understand this dog scares you but it has not bitten anyone nor is the fact that its attracted to your uniform the dogs fault. To apprehend and destroy this dog would be a disgusting thing to do. Saying that the dog being locked in the house during the day is not good enough and demanding that before you go back to doing your job it has to be completely removed from the premises for 8 hours a day 5 days a week is childish and ridiculous. Do you really think this dog has superhuman strength and just a look at you through the window is going to be enough for it to break down a wall just to chase you down. Be realistic.
Kitimat Dog Park
Comment by Larry Walker on 9th January 2013
Just maybe, part of the problem is that Kitimat does not have a designated Dog Park where pets can run and play (and socialize) off leash. All dogs need lots of exercise. Where could such a park be located? Two possible sites come to mind Hirch Creek or the Humain Society site but both would require travel by car to access. Any other suggestions?