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CONTRIBUTION · 4th January 2013
Council of Canadians
Eight brave Canadians are embarking on the most important fight for democracy in Canadian history: the robocall cases.

It started on December 10th, the Federal Court is hearing compelling evidence that a widespread, targeted and coordinated campaign of voter suppression and fraud affected the results of the 2011 federal election.

These are landmark cases. Never before has there been an attack of this scale on our most fundamental democratic right – an attack that must be vigorously challenged. But the inaction of the Canadian government has revealed it doesn’t believe this is a priority.

Enter the eight Canadians who believe it is and who are doing something about it. Driven by civic responsibility and a strong moral compass, they are taking this reprehensible attack to court, and fighting to legally restore both voters’ rights and the integrity of our democracy.

Getting this far is no small feat. For ten months, they and their legal team have beaten the odds and bested great adversity, most notably from Conservative Party MPs and their lawyers, who have tried every legal means imaginable to stop them.

But it has come with a significant cost. The Conservatives’ relentless legal obstructions have drastically driven costs up. Now, just days away from Federal Court, a hefty $300,000 legal bill hangs over the cases – a bill they simply cannot afford.

That’s where you come in. They have taken a stand to defend the very democracy every Canadian holds dear – and now they urgently need your help.

The Council of Canadians has established the Democracy 24/7 Legal Fund to raise the $300,000 needed through donations from concerned citizens like you. All it takes is 12,000 of us to each chip in $25 right now. What do you say? Will you help?

Please give as generously as you can.

update: if successful, could see the court unseat six Conservative MPs.

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Wasting time and money
Comment by Bill Vollrath on 30th January 2013
Personally, I think it's simply stupid to believe a robot caller, that calls on election day, telling you that your pole station has changed. But it's even more stupid to then wait until the last possible moment to blindly drive to the "new" location without even trying to confirm with your neighbours where they went...especially when the "new" station isn't even in your general vacinity. If you do this, you wouldn't have had time to go back to the place you should have went to in the first place. Excuse me, but that's just dumb! I would have at least driven by my usual pole station just to see before I went to the "new" station. These people crying justice here are not going to be able to prove that anyone with any leadership authority in the Conservative Party knew anything about the robocalls. For sure Stephen Harper did not know this fraud was being attempted. Sounds like a random prank to me. A big one though...30 ridings? Amazing what a good hacker can do with a cell phone! Still, there was absolutely no reason to not be suspicious of these robocalls.