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NEWS RELEASE · 2nd January 2013
BC Assessment
Property Values Increasing for 2013

TERRACE – More than 4,000 property owners throughout Kitimat can expect to receive their 2013 assessment notices in the next few days.

“Most homes in Kitimat are worth more in value compared to last year’s assessment roll,” said Christopher Whyte. “Most home owners in Kitimat will see significant changes in the 25% to 30% range.”

Overall, Kitimat’s Assessment Roll increased from $965 million last year to $1.14 billion this year. These totals reflect changing market values for many properties in addition to subdivisions, rezoning and new construction.

In addition, owners of commercial and industrial properties in Kitimat will see changes ranging from 5% to 20%.

The chart below demonstrates the average local market trends for residential properties in the District of Kitimat; trends are affected by many variables.

“Property owners who feel that their property assessment does not reflect market value as of July 1, 2012 or see incorrect information on their notice should contact our office as indicated on their notice as soon as possible in January,” said Whyte.

“If a property owner is still concerned about their assessment after speaking to one of our appraisers, they may submit a Notice of Complaint (Appeal) by January 31, for an independent review by a Property Assessment Review Panel,” added Whyte.

The Property Assessment Review Panels, independent of BC Assessment, are appointed annually by the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, and meet between February 1 and March 15 to hear formal complaints.

District of Kitimat

Assessment Roll(valuation date of July 1, 2011)

2013 Completed Assessment Roll(valuation date of July 1, 2012)
We Value BC

The Northwest assessment office is located at 4545 Lazelle Ave. in Terrace. During the month of January, office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. Property owners can contact BC Assessment toll-free at 1-866-valueBC (1-866-825-8322) or via

Visit for more information about the 2013 Assessment Roll including lists of 2013’s top 100 most valuable residential properties across the province. Special for 2013, property owners can also visit the website for an online customer service survey, available until January 31.
Cash Grab
Comment by Rory Brown on 5th January 2013
First of all, well said Gerry. Correct me if I'm wrong, but when Eurocan shut their doors, our taxes were raised in a knee-jerk reaction buy councel. (Remember our mayor in a radio interview saying that people in Kitimat could afford it.) After the smoke cleared, everything would have been fine. The tax increase stayed the same. Now that we have had an increase in real estate prices, our taxes are going to be hit again. Where does it end. With this increase, it will be interesting how much of a raise they give themselves, or to whoever goes to a meeting with their hand out. Who knows what they will want to spend money on next.
I believe that before our taxes go up, councel should have to show us why they need more of our money.
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 3rd January 2013
I have lived here almost all of my life! I raised my children here! I worked, paid taxes and retired here! I don't mind paying my share of taxes but when the value of my property goes up 100%, and I'm on a fixed income, well then I think there is something wrong with the system! THIS IS FRAUD, there's no rhyme nor reason for this kind of increase except for people speculating on the value of properties rising here and buying in! Let the speculators pay then! A Tim Hortons opens in town and the value of my home goes up 100 %, that's just not right! 25-30% and I'd be flippin' but 100% well I'm about to go ballistic Schools shut down, parks washing away, roads heaved and cracking, infrastructure caving in, we have no stores or theater ... and you want me to pay for what ????? .... IT ALL!
I wish they would go back to the old system
Comment by Larry Walker on 2nd January 2013
Under the old system assessed value was split between land and dwellings. Over time the land would go up because God was not making anymore and the dwelling would go down because, like a new car, it would depreciate year after year.

The so called new system, it based strictly on what property sold for in your neighborhood. As prices go up, everyone pays more.

What a rip off