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COMMENTARY · 29th December 2012
Walter McFarlane
There have been a lot of budgetary decisions recently in Kitimat. People are still talking about the amount of money being put into the Golf Course and the Taxi Service for the Kitimat Terrace Regional Airport.

The Budget process began in November with all of Kitimat’s groups which receive grants and funding from the District of Kitimat to operate presenting their 2013 budgets to Council. On December 10th, there were two more presentations to Council. On December 11th and 12th, a budget presentation was given to Council from the various department heads and many capital /supplementary projects for 2013 were discussed.

The two meetings took up approximately 6-7 hours of time in which the department heads spoke. Mayor Joanne Monaghan listened in via speaker phone but was unable to participate so Councillor Corinne Scott became Acting Mayor.

Between the public and the media, there was only one person present. In the past, there have been many big changes made around the community at these meetings which we report on which seem to slip by un-noticed until they are missed. During previous year’s budgets wading pools have been closed and snow removal policies have been changed.

The discussion this year ranged from important issues, such as the revitalization of Radley Park, further improvements to the Animal Shelter and re-grouting the pool, to issues which will affect some people in the community, including the moving of a well-used playground in a low income neighbourhood, the expansion of the Viewpoint and what will happen with the Gannet/Gander Walkway.

But you want to know about the Ipads. Taxpayers can rest assured for now knowing that this is only being discussed at the moment. It was brought up at the end of the meeting under the need for technical support. So far, Ipads for City Councillors has no motion and has not been voted on.

The purpose of holding the budget deliberations early was so the public can give input on the topics at hand. However, several items, including a majority of the grants received pre-budget approval at the end of the meeting.

We are splitting up the articles on the budget for easier reading. Expect to see them over this weekend and into the New Year.
Ipads for council
Comment by Leduc, Shelley on 5th February 2013
What a waist of our taxpayers dollars. If they want Ipads, they should have to buy it themselves. They make enough money from us already ! I say NO !
Blackberries are cheaper ...
Comment by achy on 12th January 2013
and will do pretty well everything anyone on council will need.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 31st December 2012
No to Ipads,and I am surprised we actually have something classified as a low income neighbourhood? Where exactly would that be?