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REPORTING · 29th December 2012
Walter McFarlane
The meetings took place over two nights, Tuesday December 11th and Wednesday, December 12th. Each started at 6:00 pm. The goal is to have a budget with a tax increase of 2% over the 2012 budget levels. The budget which has been drawn up fits this goal.

“The Finance Department has been working hard in conjunction with the various departments to put together a preliminary budget prior to year end. It is our intention to start the budget process earlier this year in order for Mayor and Council to have information ahead of time, before finalizing a budget in March with the bylaws going for approval in April and May. The benefit of presenting the budget now is it gives the public ample time to consider what is being discussed, what major projects are being planned and the potential tax implications involved. The public is encouraged to attend these budget presentations and provide feedback by calling the District office and Via the City Website, we will be posting the preliminary budget online following the budget presentations,” said Municipal Manager Ron Poole.

The meetings were straight forward. Municipal Treasurer Steve Christiansen told Council where the changes were in the budget from last year. Following this, the department heads presented their budgets to Council.

Following this was a discussion on community grants, reserves and ending with feedback from Council. They would also bring back projects for pre-approval.
Kitimat wants feed back.....
Comment by Larry Walker on 29th December 2012
You really don't want my 2 cents worth on your already agreed upon 2 percent tax hike. You job (if you want to call it that), is to find ways to CUT THE TAX RATE and (if you are any good at what you do)....INCREASE THE LEVEL OF SERVICE.