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REPORTING · 19th December 2012
Walter McFarlane
Staff Sergeant Phil Harrison stepped up to speak to Council to Deliver the November Policing Report to Council on Monday, December 17th. He introduced himself to Council.

“I assumed command on November the 17th from Staff Sergeant Steve Corp who is now in the process of being transferred down to the lower mainland. He is still working around here from time to time, he is working for the North District in various capacities,” said Harrison.

Harrison was born in New West Minister and raised in the Frasier Valley. He became a Mounty in 1993 and went to Saskatchewan. He was there for 6 years, promoted to Alberta for 6 years before being promoted back to Saskatchewan. He jumped at the opportunity to come back to BC to be closer to family.

He expressed they have another new member, a Constable. Kitimat is their first posting. Harrison expressed he was short a Corporal, but up a Constable so it evens out. Other detachments are suffering lack of man power, so Kitimat is doing well.

Going through the statistics, he pointed out assaults with weapons and assaults with bodily harm were up, threats had gone down, impaired driving were staying about the same. There was an increase in residential break and enters.

He pointed out thefts of Vehicles had skyrocketed from 2 to 13. The reason for this was there was a group of youngsters going though vehicles testing them to see if they were unlocked.

“The ones that they found unlocked, they went inside. If they found the keys to it, they took the vehicles and went for a joyride. I can’t impress upon people enough that they have to stay vigilant. Be sure to lock our doors, lock our vehicles, and keep stuff hidden, out of sight,” said Harrison.

The individuals have been apprehended and there have been no further stolen cars.

He also added vandalism was up, but he expects that was due to encouraging people to report vandalism. He said it is best if the RCMP know because then they know where this is happening and can concentrate on stopping it.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan expressed she was told by Harrison that if people have something happen in their home, they should report it right away rather than after the fact so the RCMP can get there right away. Harrison agreed.
Not enough
Comment by Mother of three on 24th December 2012
Yes Ted you are right they are keeping us in the dark.Take a look at the terrace daily they report every little thing they had to report, what is with this is it the police or is it the the city,Like Ted said could we get a reply from somebody on this?
This is the Police report for November ???
Comment by Ted Bergen on 19th December 2012
This is just a member of the RCMP commenting on a few things that has happened in Kitimat last month. Is this all that has happened?
Why can't we get CURRENT information on what is happening in Kitimat from the RCMP ?
Checking the Police reports on the internet is useless. The last report is for Sept.
Maybe Staff Sergeant Phil Harrison could comment.