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REPORTING · 17th December 2012
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council met with John Krissenger from My Mountain Co-Op in the evening of Monday, December 9th at their Committee of the Whole Meeting. He told Council they came out of their first operating season in the black although they have to pay for many capital improvements.

“We’re really catching up with what the private corporation hasn’t kept up in terms of facilities, that’s why we have a lot of capital expenditures and received a lot of help,” said Krissenger. “We’re doing fine and we’re still in the process of many more projects.”

He started going through the projects which they carried out over the summer. The first was in building a diesel building to house the power source for the chair lifts. It was all done through volunteer labour because there are carpenters and electricians among their 1000 members. The building has a spill proof floor. The Diesel Generators were lifted in by Rain Coast Cranes.

A second problem they solved was moving the power lines underground so they could remove snow from alongside the maintenance shed. They had a big expense in the form of a new haul rope for the chair lift. Regulations required it to be replaced.

The final big expense was to replace the grips on the chair lifts. They will be buying them over the next four years. They are offering a fundraiser for people to get their name attached to one of the grips. They are modifying the chairs so they can be flipped up overnight.

Krissenger explained they are losing money to run the ski bus from Terrace but they want to do it so they could get young skiers out.

The Shames Mountain Co-Op has also held three family days to get skiers out. One day, they had close to 800 people out.

“It was a good season. We’re looking forward to an even better one now. We’re much more organized now because we’re established, we have a great crew, we have a very skilled, knowledgeable General Manager who actually studied ski hill management in the Kootaney’s, and this year, we’ve had plenty of time to prepare. We have much to do over the next three years but we’ve received enormous amounts of help thanks to you as well,” said Krissenger.

Councillor Rob Goffinet asked where the $15,000 which Council would be granting the Ski Hill this year would go. He was told it would go into three more batches of attachments for the chairs. It could also go into upgrading the groomer. The biggest project to run a power line to a lodge and up to the ski hill.

There were no further questions so the $15,000 would be forwarded on to 2013 budget.

While the issue as to whether the District of Kitimat should give tax dollars to Shames has been contentious in the past, the grant, along with several other community grants, were given pre-budget approval at the Budget meeting on December 11th.
tax dollars
Comment by marym on 24th December 2012
Budget review is open to the public, mayor and council appreciate the input. that is why presentations are made to council and the public, budget review continues in the new year. Comments and recommendations are welcome. Staffs make recommendations based on previous history and budget funds available, to council; we deliberate, and in the end stand behind the majority vote. not going to debate who is in more need for a grant then the others. Please do give feedback; you can do this on the kitimat web site. I wish you all the best and merry Christmas.
Comment by Kitimat1987 on 23rd December 2012
Yes hirsch creek could be cleaned up an slightly polished by a small created group. Radley hell no...ever been there Jason? No small group with small money is stopping the river from swallowing more campsites. An I do believe mr oviatt has approached the city council about saving radley with a huge donation of labour an equipment? Someone correct me if im wrong. Shames is a definite plus for the entire region, but how can you give so much money to another business that just got saved by the people from failure an has not even been one season run successfully. Is shames open full time right now? I don't believe soo. An why? I don't if we have 15k to give away let's keep it where we know it will DEFINITELY be beneficial. Shames may not survive with any amount of money donated. As it would just be only a matter of time before it was all gone again. Mayb it just simply don't have the numbers to live. An I was an avid snowboarder for years, so I am grateful for the mountain an its services. Haven't been up for last 2 seasons...that could be the problem!
Try being cost effective
Comment by Tom on 20th December 2012
15000 dollars would have paid for about 400 kids to go skiing for a day on the hill . That's about 400 of our kids . The 15k except for the bus fare would end up at the ski hill and our kids would be introduced to skiing and or snow boarding . And some of those kids would help to keep the hill alive long after the 15k would be long gone . Very short sighted concil . Very short sighted ski hill as usual . The answer to the ski hill is not begging for our hard fought tax dollars but building a grass root of skiers . Shame on you shames . It's about the future and the future is our kids . Do for the kids and you can't fail .
saving hirsch great idea
Comment by Apocalypse now on 20th December 2012
As for you chris Pffft
Very good Jason Alexander
Comment by Chris Gorden on 20th December 2012
Excellent points Jason. And what a great idea, creating groups of volunteers to help clean up and improve Hirsch and Radley. Or will we have to pay extortionate industrial union wages?
Don't live there anymore but would love to see Hirsch Creek Park restored to its former glory.
And as for the ski hill, it is a local gem for the whole of the Northwest. It is a short sighted and naive view to think it only benefits Rupert and Terrace.
The same goes for the golf course. Yes they both need to be managed openly so tax payers can see how the money is being used, but if anyone thinks that these services aren't needed, doesn't want the Northwest to grow.
dont forget...
Comment by kitimat1987 on 18th December 2012
hirsch creek camp grounds is another gem that we should get cleaned up an not let fall as it has been for the last decade. such a great area...i think we would all be extremely surprised how it would fill right up each season if it were kept looking alive an healthy...(small kids park etc....) come on guys dont let things go like radley an hirsch.
Comment by Rory Brown on 18th December 2012
It has taken me some time, but I think I have figured out what councel is Who am I kidding, they don't even know what they are doing. They have no problem giving money away like its free. Just look at the money given to the animal shelter for example. Now a ski hill that is between two communities, neither of which is Kitimat. I hope Smithers doesn't hear about this or councel will be giving them OUR money too. If your so anxious to spend and give money away, spend it here. Not only does it improve our town, but the improvements will (hopefully) employ local people. For example, for years a sidewalk has been requested along Quatsino, but there is never any money for things like that. Maby if you quit giving it to other communities and animal shelters it could get done. Radley Park is another great example. Why is nothing being done about this. I have an idea readers. Lets all start calling our councel members daily about Radley Park. I will start calling a different member every day, and I ask that you do the same. Lets stop the free-money-giveaway and save an important part of Kitimat.
no cash?
Comment by jc on 17th December 2012
Why can't we seem to find any money to save anything Radley Park for example?
Out Of Control
Comment by Larry Walker on 17th December 2012
This council's spending of taxpayers money is
completely out of control. Tax money for a ski hill located half way between here and Pr Rupert....what a complete and utter waste.