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Photo courtasy of Nathan Heit
NEWS RELEASE · 6th December 2012
Kitimat RCMP
Kitimat RCMP were called to a Motor Vehicle Collision at approximately 6pm on Wednesday December 5th, 2012, 22 kilometers north of Kitimat on Highway 37.

The head on collision involved a car and a pickup truck and witnesses report that the car burst into flames upon impact. RCMP spoke to witnesses who pulled the 2 young men from the burning vehicle.

The two occupants in the car along with the driver of the pickup truck , all residents of the Kitimat area, were taken to Mills Memorial Hospital in Terrace B.C.

"The 24 year old driver of the car was air lifted to the Vancouver General Hospital Burn Unit while the 22 year old passenger remains in stable condition" stated Cst. Lesley Smith, North District Media Relations Officer " The 56 year old driver of the truck was treated by medical staff and later released from hospital that night".

The RCMP would like to commend the efforts of those involved in pulling the two males to safety and for the medical care they received on scene by an off duty nurse from Kitimat.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation by West Pacific Region Traffic Services and the Kitimat Detachment.

RCMP believe road conditions of compact snow, ice and slush were factors in the incident.
Road condtions
Comment by CEM on 12th December 2012
My feelings go out to those that were in this horrific accident. It is very traumatic and hope the young man in the burn unit is doing well.

Many years ago when I had my accident and ended upside down against a rock cut becuse of black ice one Feb. I was told by the police and the insurance company that I was not driving to road conditions. Black ice on the road can be very difficult to see and can come upon one so quickly. So all I can say and from what I see from drivers on the highways, is slow down, this is not summer and this is what winter driving is all about. The road contractors can't be everywhere all the time. The change of elevation from Kitimat to Terrace makes road conditions varied from rain to slush and snow and ice. With heater and loud music or the radio on one cannot heat what is happening with the tires on the road. Driving needs ones total concentration all the time not just part of the time. It's a live projectile if out of control.
Comment by Remember on 9th December 2012
Reminder - Johanne Monaghan and Ross Slexak had a campaign to improve the road clearing conditions - what happend to that ?
Nitrogen Tires
Comment by Linda Halyk on 7th December 2012
Nitrogen is inert, non flammable,.

Pretty disgusting
Comment by Ben Gardner on 7th December 2012
Norther Driver
Your comment has no context or place in regards to this article about a couple of young men injured in a bad wreck. Show a bit of class.
Or at least support this comment with some kind of relative fact . Probally wise you did not include your name with your comment.
Good work to those who pitched to help these people , and a all the best to those injured . My family is wishing you all the best in your recovery.
Comment by DR on 7th December 2012
Absolute nonsense. Nitrogen is an inert gas meaning it cannot support combustion of anything. It is better than using air because it does not generate the same degree of molecular friction as air, plus it does not degrade or oxidize the rubber on the inside like air does. Of course nitrogen will do little for you in cold weather so save your money. Nitrogen is mainly beneficial to large earth moving equipment that generate sufficient heat from friction to explode a tire in warm weather and under extreme conditions.
Prime Suspect
Comment by Too Cheap! on 7th December 2012
As far as I am concerned, highway maintenance people are responsible for this accident. I have driven Canada's highways in farther reaches North and never have I seen roads pocked with raised patches of ice that literally bounce your vehicle violently to the left or right like highway 37. The problem is road maintenance contractors are too cheap to put the blade within 2 mm of the road surface because they don't want to pay for normal blade wear. Blade wear is a normal part of any winter equipment budget but. There is no excuse for subjecting the people Kitimat to this year after year. The next one will be a fatality. Seriously petition to fire this contractor and reinstate provincially funded road maintenance people who are not too cheap to put safety before pennies and are trained professionals. And until we do that RCMP should be empowered to simply close highway 37 when it is left in this condition. That's right, lock the road out along with the contractor and see how quick that gets resolved.
Dont get nirtogen filled tires
Comment by Northern Driver on 6th December 2012
thats what nitrogen in your tires will do for ya!