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REPORTING · 27th November 2012
Walter McFarlane
Udated, fixed error: the Ski Club asked for $25,000, not $30,000

Kitimat City Council went into the municipal budget on Monday, November 26th at a Committee of the Whole meeting. Thirteen presentations were set up to go before Council and these presentations were scheduled to run until 9:40 Pm.

This is the night where the different groups in Kitimat, which receive funding from the District of Kitimat ask for their operating grants and supplementary budgets for their capital expenditures.

The first presentation was from the Kitimat RCMP. Their requests were for the Cell Retrofit, a CCVE Upgrade, phone system replacements and, for the upkeep of the detachment, new furniture. The Cell Retrofit, replacement phones and hard body armour were budgeted for as of the 2012 budget. 2013ís supplementary is expected to come in at $57500

The RCMP was followed by the Kitimat Public Library. This year, the library is asking for $534,800 in the form of a Municipal Grant and a Rent grant. This is a $19,300 increase from last year. However, last year, they had some money which carried over.

Kitimat Community Services made a pair of presentations to Council. The first is for Kitimat Victim Services which is asking for $36,593. The Food Share Program is looking for $20,000 as well as assistance with rent.

Kitimat Arts for Youth is asking for $3,500 to help with the events they are planning which includes: A spring workshop with Donnie Clark, a Band Retreat, Instrument Clinics, Dance Impressions, the Northwest Music Festival and purchasing instruments for Kitimatís Schools.

The Snowflake Senior Centre presented following KAFY. They are asking for $23,500 for a seniors programmer to work from September until June. The orrignal programmer was hired through a grant from the UBCM and worked to create a diverse program for the seniors of Kitimat. The Centre is also asking Council to enter into a three year contract for this programmer.

Mount Elizabeth Theatre went next asking for an operating grant of $53,000 and a capital grant of $20,000. The priorities for the capital expenditures of 2013 are upgrading the sound system, a backstage TV Monitoring system, replacing lighting and a projector.

The Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter club has had a bad year. As such, they requested Council to grant them $100,000 instead of the usual $10,000.

The Kitimat Emergency Program is coming before Council $12,940 as well as $4,000 to cover EOC exercise. Their objectives for 2013 are to gather information on the on the projects and determine if they would change the Emergency Plan, train, engage the public in emergency preparedness and review and revise the Tsunami Evacuation Plan.

The Kitimat Health Advocacy Group is looking for a top up of $5000. KHAG plans to use the money to help the Northern Health Authority with recruitment, particularly for the positions of Physiotherapists and Ultrasound Technician.

The Kitimat Air Field asked for $5000. The Fire Mountain Shooting Range is looking for a grant of $36,891 to help complete the upgrades at the shooting range. The final presentation was from the Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club who was looking for $25,000 to go to the purchase of a new piston bully.

This article was written as just a synopsis of the presentations which were made to Council. We will be putting up several longer articles about the various presentations as the week goes on.
Has Council become just a cheque writing club?
Comment by Larry Walker on 28th November 2012
I would sure like to know just how much of my tax dollars end up being given out to various groups in the form of money donations. If anyone knows, please let all of us know.