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NEWS RELEASE · 22nd November 2012
Kitimat RCMP
At 10:30am on November 21st, 2012, Kitimat RCMP members executed a search warrant on a residence in the 500 block of Columbia Ave.

RCMP recovered a large quantity of cocaine, marihuana and money. A male was located inside the residence and taken into custody and released later in the day to appear in court at a later time.
time to lay the hard down hard
Comment by mother of three on 3rd December 2012
Could somebody confirm what Ihave read on here about major drug dealers making so much money that they are buying heavy equiptment and starting businesses?If this is true why havent the police been able to do anything about it or dont they no.This really upsets me when I here these coments, This town was once said to be a great place to raise a family .With young kids becoming teenagers really worries me because it is only going to get worse.
Keep our kids safe
Comment by Mother of three on 26th November 2012
It was good news to read about the cocaine bust,I have read so many comments and talk to other adults about how bad the drug seen is in this town .It is so tuff raising young teen age kids that want to always go out with there friends when there are so many drugs out there, It is like Russian roulette hoping when your kids come home they are safe from these drugs .My daughter who is 15 was at a party and said she was offered cocaine and thank god she had the smarts to say no.With all the peer pressure these kids have a hard time out there with school and just trying to fit in and making the right decision.As parents we need to put pressure on police ,schools,churches,city officials and the public to make it harder for these drug dealers to destroy are youth. So it is time to for everybody to come together and put a stop to this madness , maybe schools could have a web site kids could say who these drug dealers are in secrecy. I hope more parents come and use this form for more ideas or just to share there stories we need them to get out there to warn people how bad it is out there.
Every dog has his day
Comment by Born and raised in Kitimat. on 22nd November 2012
I have to praise the R.C.M.P on there big bust lets hope the charges hold.That is great meaning less drugs on the street and less money to buy more.But the sad truth is that this guy that was busted is not one of the big players because the big players are to smart to keep drugs and money on them.Its funny I was just reading on the kitimat daily under Mental health and additions was talking about a possibity of having a treatment centre close by which would make a lot of sense with all the drugs in this area.Some of the comments by the fellow who is in recovery and lost everything saying he will have to struggle the rest of his life to stay clean from this drug that destroyes and kills. And why these big drug dealers have been able to operate for so many years and get away with it and start business because they have to hide there money why is this happening are the police hands tide or is it legal bureaucracy?then the comment about the one drug dealers wife driving around in a hummer with her kids as to rub it in our faces ,saying look my husband does not need to work the weak will pay for my families needs , how can you sleep at night knowing how many kids and adults you have destroyed , Like the title says every dog has his day . Thanks again to the police for doing a good job.
Comment by What gives? on 22nd November 2012
Let me get this straight. Say I go out on the town one night and have a few too many. I don't drive my vehicle, I take a cab who delivers me to my home. However on the way home I seem to fall asleep in the cab. Cab phones the cops. I get arrested for being drunk in a public place. Placed in a cell for the night and fined $115. I am at my front door damn near. A little hosed mind you, however, I am not driving , I do not have a criminal record yet I spend the night in the slammer and this douche bag gets busted with a large quantity of cocaine and is released forthwith? Something is just terribly not right here.
A large amount?
Comment by A concerned citizen on 22nd November 2012
Care to elaborate on the bust. How large? Lots of drugs in town. Lots of dealers too. I'm sure the police are aware of dealer locations. In fact I definitely know they are. So why is it these so called dealer locations are not taken care of when it is brought to their attention? We've already had one drive by shooting. Care for some more?