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REPORTING · 21st November 2012
Walter McFarlane

Over the last 5 years (and probably well before that), the topic of inaccessibility to Kitimat’s City Council Meetings has come up again and again. The problem is the stairs up to the Chambers in the Public Safety Building. There is a stair climber to help those who have mobility issues. However, it’s safety has often been called into question.

There have been many ideas put forward for alternate Council Chamber Locations. However, for one reason or another, they have been turned aside. The most recent motion was to put the Council Meetings into a mobile meeting room.

For the second time this month, Mayor Joanne Monaghan was unable to attend a meeting. In early November, she suffered a fall and injured her leg.

Acting Mayor Corinne Scott presented an update on the Mayor’s condition and a report from Mayor Joanne Monaghan to the people of Kitimat on Monday, November 19th. A fracture has been found in Monaghan’s leg.

Produced below is the Mayor’s Message, as read by Acting Mayor Corinne Scott.

“There is a saying that if you don’t walk in another person’s moccasins, you cannot imagine what they are going through each day. This is very true, because when I broke my leg on November 1st, my world stopped. Can I go anywhere? No. Climb stairs? No. Get to my computer room? No.

Recently Council and I started campaigning to find a Council Chamber with access for people with disabilities. It has been very slow in taking off, but now, we are on fast forward. A report will be forth coming at the November 26th meeting for various possibilities for a new or revamped Council Chambers, one that can be easily accessed for people with disabilities.

I am very pleased, as my Mom always told me: ‘look for silver lining in the cloud.”

Once again, we’d like to wish Mayor Joanne Monaghan a swift recovery.
So now we change?
Comment by Friend From PG on 21st November 2012
So now that the mayor cannot come to the counsel meeting because of her own disabilities does that mean that something will actually happen in regards to changing the location?? Kitimat has how many empty schools now? I lost count... Can we not toss a space heater in a classroom an hour before a meeting and there we go? cheap effective and good to go. I mean seriously? is something actully going to get down now that the mayor cannot get to the meetings?

I too wish the mayor a speedy recovery.