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REPORTING · 16th November 2012
Walter McFarlane
Figure Skaters Kendra Brousseau and Mariah Carvalho attended the Super Series 2012 Skate Canada BC/YT Sectionals in Kelowna last weekend. It was a large competition with over 300 skaters. Both skaters achieved personal bests in the competition.

“I think I did ok, it was a good experience,” said Brousseau. “We caught up with old friends we’ve seen from competitions and last year.”

“It was ok, a really good learning experience,” said Carvalho.

They learned to do the best they could, perform well and connect with the audience. Brousseau stated the highlight for her was having good memories she could reflect on. Carvalho stated she enjoyed performing in front of people

Both girls had to perform two programs, a short program which has three jump opportunities, two spin opportunities and a forward sequence. The short program is to do exactly the same for all of the participants.

The long program is more flexible. The total of the two skates gets added together for their final marks. Head Coach, Cynthia Medeiros stated the girls did better in the short program then they did in the long program.

“It’s good for the girls to be able to watch the other skaters too and some of the skaters that were in the last flight or the top flight to see what they’re doing because we don’t see as much of that locally. We have lots of fantastic skaters but this is the entire province, the best skaters in the province going there. Instead of seeing one or two of them, you see 30 of them,” said Medeiros.

For Brousseau and Carvalho, the competitive skaters, this marked the end of their competitive season. This was the qualifier to see who would go on to Canadian’s and World’s. Now they will go back to the drawing board and work towards the same competition next year. For the regular skaters, their season is just beginning.

“So we’re back to the drawing board, figuring out where we go from here, and they have a lot of hard work before next year for sure,” said Medeiros. “Just getting there was an achievement.”