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REPORTING · 11th November 2012
Walter McFarlane
BC North Coastal Community Advisory Board Round 14

Meeting Date: October 30, 2012 Communications Bulletin

Presentation Topics:

Review of CAB conference 2012

CAB Communications

Joint Review Panel Hearings

Q&A – Geotechnical Hazards

Douglas Channel Watch

Intelligent Pipeline Systems & Technologies

Key Presentation Messages:

Great speakers at CAB conference. (1)

There appeared to be good interaction between the diverse CAB members, but would appreciate even more opportunity to do so. (1)

CAB Communications initiatives include the creation of a logo, donations of used Enbridge computers based on CAB member input, CAB public meetings, use of the CAB bulletins and website. (2)

Discussion of the JRP Hearings process, topics being covered, where and when; how to listen to the hearings live via JRP website. (3)

Documents on the public record available on the JRP project review website. (3)

Information provided regarding the various types of marine clays in this region; discussion of impacts to marine clays due to seismic activity. (4)

Earthquake websites:;

Examples of VLCC incidents that have occurred at world ports, confined channels, and open waters due to a variety of factors. (5)

Overview and discussion of TERMPOL and voluntary vs. mandatory commitments. (5)

Douglas Channel Watch’s perspective is that there is a lack of government legislation on marine transportation requirements. (5)

Safe pipelines are a combination of tools + systems & programs + people. (6)

Spartan Controls has moved into the community with an office and wants to support industry as required. (6)

1. About the CABs

The Community Advisory Boards (CABs) are an important aspect of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project consultation and engagement processes. CABs provide an opportunity for participants to:

- gather, receive and process information to arrive at a common body of knowledge;

- identify and discuss key areas of regional interest or concern;

- recommend improvements or enhancements to Northern Gateway; and

- educate the general public.

The CABs have been designed to be inclusive of diverse community interests in each of five geographic regions. They include representatives from (but not limited to) environmental groups, Aboriginal groups, business associations, municipal governments and the public. CABs are participant driven and as such, members determine a priority list of topic areas they would like discussed at each regional meeting. CABs are open to the public through pre-registration and anyone can come attend as an observer.

About the BC North Coastal CAB

The BC North Coastal CAB meetings are currently held in Kitimat, BC. There are 18 registered members who sit at the table of this CAB, and a number of Observers who regularly attend. This membership currently consists of economic development interest, Aboriginal groups, marine use, land/resource use, local government, recreation, ENGO, and general public.

2. Website address for more information
Communism Creeps into Canada
Comment by OurWaterTastesLikeOil on 18th November 2012
Welcome to Steven Harper's Communist Canada.
The people have spoken yet the Trojan Horse of Communism rolls forward being pulled by non other than the Conservative Leader himself, Stephen Harper. He's gutting environmental protections just like the post era Communist Soviet Union did at the expense of it's people. And for all the same reasons of absolute corporate corruption and rabid greed. None of them could give a damn about the fact that we need this water to drink. I strongly suggest we vote his party out while we still have the right to do so.