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COMMENTARY · 8th November 2012
Walter McFarlane
There have been many predictions on the end of the world. One of the most famous is written in Revelations. There is also an up and coming prediction that on December 21st, 2012, will either involve the end of the world… although I’ve also been told there could be overwhelming change.

When I look at society these days, I see the end of discussion. People don’t like to talk about ideas anymore. Opinions are left out of public debate. Some people are afraid they could lose their job for not believing the same things as our employer. In high school, I remember being taught to leave such things as religion and political affiliations off of your resume.

When I express my opinion, I don’t care if my opinion is right or wrong. I do look at facts and history when I write my editorials. Many times, I write them to put an idea out there. Sometimes, people agree me, sometimes they don’t. However, we live in a world where few care to listen to opposing arguments.

Globalization is essentially driving our world farther apart. Pages like Facebook are destroying the art of discussion and debate on issues. If you don’t like what someone says about your opinion; you can delete it, block them from speaking again and shut them out of the conversation completely.

That’s how you make a community grow, shut out everyone who disagrees with you.

Why harbour a sense of community when you can attract a posse of yes-men who agree with everything you say? Why have a sense of morality when you can justify your actions with a motivational poster.

Sometimes, there are no right or wrong answers.

Its fact that people cannot agree on what a society needs. It has always been that way and it always will. The problem is, now it is easier to shut people up, shut them out and destroy their lives on account of a disagreement.

Not all arguments are black and white as they are presented. Some things are huge blocks of grey. In something as complex as, say, the Enbridge Project, proponents and opponents alike will ignore the facts and arguments made by the other sides and simply go for the easy attack.

Perhaps the end of the world which is spoken of, will come from humanity no longer being able to see eye to eye, or trust those around them. Of course, I could be wrong…
Opposing view
Comment by Tom on 8th November 2012
I find the same argument quite the opposite . As we just saw in the states . Obama just won against the superpacs funded by people that want to turn the clock backwards . Looks to me like the one percent lost to the ninety nine percent . I feel that we are becoming more impowered . Wikipedia is hundreds of times bigger than Britannia ever was and its free . Social media has made my circle of friends hundreds of times bigger . I corespond with family and friend all over the world . Since the advent of the Internet I have become more politically involved through online polls ,petitions and letters (email ) . The more I read the more hopeful I become . There is a reason the commies in china keep such a firm grip on the Internet . If they let people speak freely to each other they would not last another month . That's why the harper gov . Wants the police to poke their noses in so freely without warrants . I have never in my 60 years ever been as hopeful about the future as I have today . You should all go to . Penticton is getting a Ted talk . Why aren't we . Because most have not even heard of it . The Internet ,social networks have changed my world for the better . I don't believe in the invisible man in the sky . I believe in us . We the people will prevail . Thank you for your hard work and time you spend Walter . You are making the world of so many of us a more inclusive and better place even though I disagree with you some times .