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REPORTING · 8th November 2012
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Phil Germuth gave notice of motion on Monday, November 5th at Kitimat City Council. His motion related to an item in the Council’s Information Package regarding BC Hydro’s planned projects in the community of Kitimat.

“It covers doubling the capacity of the 2L99 Transmission line between Kitimat and Terrace as well as a potential new 500 KV line between Prince George and Terrace. The BC Hydro Ratepayers should be very concerned about these projects and just who is going to pay for them,” said Germuth.

He explained how earlier this year, the merits of the lines were brought before the Regional District and the public. Both times, they were questioned.

“For one, BC Hydro tells us that the transmission line between Kitimat and Terrace is nearing the end of its useful life and BC Hydro needs to upgrade it while at the same time, double its capacity, all by November, 2013. The actual facts are that there are much older than the 2L99 line and BC Hydro is in no rush to replace them by next year,” said Germuth

He also pointed out BC Hydro are expects the LNG projects which are coming to Kitimat to use the line as well. However, both the BC Government and the Opposition are telling Council the LNG projects will either be self-generating or outsourcing their power supply, not recieving it from BC Hydro.

“The only BC ratepayers that the 2L99 Line would serve would be the residents of Kitimat, whose electrical needs are approximately 10 Megawatts, so why are BC Hydro ratepayers paying to upgrade the line to 800 Megawatts when it seems that it is not required,” stated Germuth

He also wanted to know why there was such a rush to have the project done by 2013. Especially since the LNG projects would not be proceeding any time soon. He wanted to know what the rush is and why ratepayers would be paying for it. He also asked where BC Hydro was expecting to get all this new power from as the increased power to the line might indicate the shutting down of jobs in Kitimat or one of its neighbouring communities.

Germuth also pointed out there was a motion adopted in 2009 for Council to oppose increases to the capacity of the existing power line.

He put a notice of motion forward for the next Council Meeting to write a letter to BC Hydro requesting a copy of the final report on meetings and forums held this year, request a public meeting with BC Hydro and write letters to the Provincial Government and Opposition clarifying their position on the supply of energy to the LNGs.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff stated he was looking forward to the reports. He expressed certainty that only two of the LNG projects would be powered by BC Hydro, but they may have changed their mind.

Germuth told Council he heard differently at UBCM.
notice of motion
Comment by mary on 11th November 2012
When a notice of motion is placed at council it is just that a notice for the next meeting. You don't speak on the notice of motion, this was not appropriate.
Boy you sure would have picked up on that if that was the mayor