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COMMENTARY · 2nd November 2012
Walter McFarlane
October was a busy month for me. First off, with it being my fifth year working for the Daily, I wanted to look back on some of the events I have covered. The month Ended with Halloween and was shaken up by an Earthquake in Haida Gwaii. On top of that, there were three busy meetings which had to be covered as well.

But one of the events which I was happy to cover was this yearís Aluminium City Telethon. I do not make much money for the work I do so I try to find other ways to give back to the community where I live.

The Telethon is one of Kitimatís big fundraising events for our not for profit organizations. In 2010, during a meeting discussing how the community foundation could take the show over, I suggested streaming it online so people who do not have cable or who live outside the region could enjoy it.

At the time, the Terrace Daily was streaming City Council Meetings and Regional District Meetings. It didnít take much to talk Merv Ritchie into streaming the Telethon.

I believe in the work which the Telethon does for the groups in this community. Groups I do not use for the time being, but would want to see in the community for the benefit of others. Organizations for youth like the Child Development Centre and the youth centre, organizations for adults such as KCSS and organizations for people who need help like Delta King Place.

There were hic-coughs in the system. The first year, the number of viewers brought the server down several times. The second year, due to a problem with the server, we had to switch to a different server and ended up with a cap of 50 people.

Iím told this year, many people had a problem with advertisements alongside the video. One of the problems with video streaming sites is they tend to run commercials for a service they are giving for free. Nothingís ever perfect.

So what comes next?

I have pretty much the entire Telethon recorded and have the blessing of Margaret Warcup to upload the entire thing onto our video site so you can watch it again. The only delay is getting enough room on computer which is currently being taken up by a backlog of City Council Meetings.

I also have to train others in how to use the internet to bring the Telethon to you. Much the same way as Monique needs to mentor a new host, I should prepare another person to run the live stream should I not be available in the future.

Still, it makes me happy to be able to contribute.