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35 Finch
REPORTING · 31st October 2012
Walter McFarlane
Halloween is once again on the horizon and many people are putting out decorations around the community. Graveyards are going up in many yards but three houses have decided to go the extra mile by putting on haunted houses.

Once again, the Willis family at 66(6) Partridge street is going all out. The theme is an ice cream shop run by clowns. “It’s sort of an ice cream shop that ‘serves’ children as well,” said Willis.

The shop itself proclaims ‘Kids eat(en) for free every day.’ The house is also decorated with a cemetery.

“I like Halloween better then Christmas, it is my favourite time of the year,” said Willis. “I already have next years planned.”

If this isn’t ghoulish enough for your tastes, a more traditional Haunted House exists at 35 Finch Street.

“I wanted to make it dark and scary and creepier then last year so I made it so I have spiders crawling over the front of my house, added a zombie to the cemetery. The entrance is a lot darker and scarier, maybe not suitable for little kids, more for teens and adults,” said Michelle Marentette.

The house itself has skulls, witches, cages and chains. A creepy operating room and much, much more. “It’s my favourite time of year. Hearing people be scared or get scared, the screams, the laughing, people love it. It’s like a thrill you don’t see very often in Kitimat. You see it in the cities and it’s what I’m kind of aiming from,” said Marentette

Last year, her house received over 400 visitors. She hopes to get more this year.

Marentette also recommended another house in town. 83 Smith Street. David Craft put on a Haunted House last year as well. This year, he’s combining zombies with clowns. Because it is such a big production, he starts building in the summer time.

“Best time of the year,” said Craft. “Each year, it gets bigger and bigger all the time. Each year, we keep adding. We build a lot of things too, my daughter and me. It’s lots of fun.”

As mentioned above, there are also many yards decorated for the season. The Kitimat Daily would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween.
83 Smith
83 Smith
66(6) Partridge
66(6) Partridge