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REPORTING · 31st October 2012
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Corinne Scott made a motion to make a request of the Ministry of Transportation to reduce the speed limit along the highway to 80 Kilometres per hour from the snowflake sign to Hirsch Creek Bridge.

“Councillor Murphy put a motion forward with regards to the reduction of speed limit a number of months ago. I’m not sure if anything had happened to it so I wanted to put it back on the table. The most recent motion was to add turning lanes at the Cablecar entrance However that may take a while with Alberta Transportation and their budgets, etc. etc… While putting speed limit signs would be less costly for the time being,” said Scott.

Scott told council when people are turning into Cablecar and do not slow down or signal a short distance off, the people behind them are forced to slam on the breaks. She expressed the reduction in speed is also needed near the landfill.

Councillor Mary Murphy agreed. There are a number of cars which go off the bend near Hirsch Creek. She stated it was not popular when she brought it up earlier this year but every community has this sort of speed reduction.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff suggested referring this motion to the Traffic Committee. Councillor Ron Poole suggested inviting the Local Manager of Transportation to speak to these issues.

Feldhoff expressed it should be referred to the traffic committee and they could make some points which will now, not be brought forward for lack of a seconder. He agreed with the concerns but they need some technical input.

Councillor Rob Goffinet wanted to know when the Traffic Committee meets. Council was told they meet once a year or as necessary. Murphy stated it had already been before the Traffic Committee, it was not well received and council did not have jurisdiction over the road.

Municipal Engineer Tim Gleig told Council both intersections and the speed limit change have gone before the traffic committee in the past. Feldhoff could not recall such a report from the Traffic Committee.

Scott told Council she did not wish to circumvent the Traffic Committee. However, she also wanted to write and invite the transportation minister while they wait for input from the Traffic Committee.

Feldhoff pointed out the Council seeks input from the other committees such as the Leisure Services Advisory Commission and the Advisory Planning Commission for details about Recreation and Planning respectively.

The motion, to write a letter to reduce the speed, invite the minister before Council and to forward it to the Traffic Committee was called and carried.
Slip & Demerge Lanes
Comment by DR on 2nd November 2012
As a resident of Cablecar I agree with MP. We should consult with a credible Highway Engineer to evaluate this intersection. The existing Demerge lane is so obviously short you almost need a parachute to stop safely in winter. Not a safe feeling with oncoming traffic at up to 100 km/h.

The Demerge lane into Thornhill is much longer and safer, plus reduced to 70. By contrast the Cablecar intersection is poorly designed and dangerous if not illegal.
way too easy
Comment by djb on 1st November 2012
I agree with Mr Borges. Changing the limit is easy, but enforcing ... not so much. Why not make it 40 k/hr ? that ought to make it really safe.:(
It is a highway. Turn and exit/merge lanes lanes are really the only way to go.
Too easy
Comment by Luis Borges on 1st November 2012
Why change the speed limit? Look at the industrial park in Terrace as the way to go, build turn in lanes and keep the speed limit. If Terrace can get this done why cant we, are we second class citizens?????
Comment by MP on 1st November 2012
As locals know, the highway between Kitimat and Terrace used to be 80km the entire way. Its only been just over 10 years when this changed. I really am not a fan of lowering the speed limit on any part of the highway, but rather a new turn lane built at cable car intersection. I don't want to go 2 steps back here. We fought a long time to have the speed increased from 80 to 100km.
Comment by Carol on 1st November 2012
Who is on this Traffic Committee ? do they live out in Cable Car ? Why was it not well received ? I would like to know more about this "not being well received ". Of coarse there are some drivers that are always late for work, school etc but they are the ones that are so impatient on the road. They are the ones that don't want the speed limit changed.
Maybe we need one of those blinking traffic signs to let drivers know just how fast they are driving when they almost force one to pull over. In the BC drivers manual the yellow margins are not to be driven on, just to warn drivers to pull over in a designated area, very few know this or else they feel if they don't pull over that 18 wheeler is going to push you over. Logging companies etc need to be reported of their unsafe driving habbits when heading straight pass Cable Car. There are ATV'ers, Horseback riders, cyclists that are crossing this road and with the bend and a slight knoll in the road just south of Cable Car and some drivers driving pass the speed limit, there already has been some very close calls. Too close for comfort.
Smart move.....congratulations
Comment by Larry Walker on 31st October 2012
I must agree that traffic in and out of Kitimat is picking up with all the new construction going on and a reduction or new turning lanes should be looked at.