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REPORTING · 26th October 2012
Walter McFarlane
Approximately 75 Kitimat Residents gathered outside MLA Robin Austin’s office as a part of a Province-Wide day of action to show the growing opposition to the risks of the Bitumen and tankers on Wednesday, October 24th at noon. The event was organized by Douglas Channel Watch.

“We’re here today in front of Robin Austin’s Office to link arms and show our MLA and MP that we’re uniting against increased oil tanker traffic on our coast, that BC is not for sale for any amount of money. Canadians need to be aware that the Tar Sands project has to be slowed down for global climate change concerns,” said Lucy McRae.

There were two speakers, Gerald Amos and Murray Minchin.

“I think the real power here, on this issue particularly, is just the fact that we can get together of this, in respect of where we come from, what our politics are and what community we come from,” said Gerald Amos.

Amos said his family and families from the Haisla First Nations were gathering clams and cockles. He was impressed with the harvest from this area and this year is no exception. His concern was food security, their grandchildren’s ability to harvest as Amos has all his life.

Amos congratulated Douglas Channel Watch on their recent award from the Sierra Club. He congratulated them on the connections which they have made around the province.

“After going to the final hearings in Prince George, one thing I found out was, as interveners, Douglas Channel Watch was supposed to be testing the evidence with Enbridge, and it came to pass that they had no answers for 90% of the questions that we had. They admitted that 30%-40% of the detailed engineering is going to be done on the project on the year 2014 which is mind boggling that it is at the stage that it’s at. The other thing that blew me away, their detailed spill response plan will be tabled six months before operations. That means that everything is built, it’s in the ground, it’s ready to rock and roll and that’s six months before they turn the taps on, that’s when they’re going to show us how they’re going to protect our coast,” said Minchin.

He pointed out there were tens of millions of jobs which could be created in Alberta which would disappear if the bitumen comes this way. Minchin also pointed out people have stayed in Kitimat because they love this place.

“We may not have 500 to 1000 generations of contact like the Haisla does, we still love this place. If they dare try to put a length of pipe in this valley, we are going to do… It will be us that’s going to stand up against them. No matter how much Harper brings to bear or tries to push this thing through, it’s up to us at Ground Zero. We have the tank farms, we’ve got the tankers and we’ve got the pipeline. We’ve got triple barrel threat hear in Kitimat. If we dig our heels in, stand our ground, there’ll be thousands coming in to join us. Even if it’s got a green light, it’s going nowhere,” said Minchin.

The people gathered marched through the mall around past the front of Robin’s Office before going their separate ways.