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REPORTING · 24th October 2012
Walter McFarlane
MK Bay Marina came before the Regional District of Kitimat Stikine on Friday, October 19th in the form of bundle of letters which were tabled at their last meeting. The issue of MK Bay Marina has been coming up at the Regional District again and again for the last couple of years.

The first series of letters involved Richard Rottluff and concerned moorage. Director Doug McLeod wanted to invite Rottluff before the Regional District so they could hear his request. However, Administration, Bob Marcellin, that Rottluff had been before the Regional District in the past and there was no point to hearing him speak again. The motion to invite Rottluff before the board failed.

McLeod replied back: “That wasn’t a sufficient answer for the man, I listened to his complaint. It involved far more than just having a place for his business to operate from at the Regional District Marina. His Complaint had a lot of personal issues. […] I remember sitting in here listening to his story to the board, at one point, he said: ‘It’s the first time he’s ever been thrown out of an office three times by the manager. This goes deeper than just a place to store his boat.”

He suggested a motion to send Rottluff a Dispute Resolution Process. The letters were received for information,

Director Corinne Scott wanted to discuss the letters received. “The board is responsible for dealing with these issues but if there is never any discussion about what the issue is, all we’re doing is receiving for information and sending it back to administration, it just bubbling constantly,” said Scott.

She suggested fixing the situation by having a service review done. These are done to resolve matters and concerns when partners need information and its implementations. She said MK Bay Marina comes up often and it is a huge issue at every RDKS Meetings and the board needs to do a service review on how things are operating on MK Bay.

Director Bruce Bidgood expressed the timing was not good but he was going to support the motion for a service review because it keeps coming up. Director Dave Pernerowski wanted to put it in camera. One of the Directors expressed it should be dealt with in a Function Committee.

In one of the letters, it is explained the MK Bay Marina Function Committee was disbanded so the Regional District pending the completion of a partnership agreement with the Haisla First Nations. This means the Regional District is responsible for looking over the marina.

“The time to do a review is when people need information about its service and its implications to relieve tensions,” said Scott. She told the board this outlines what the problem is every single time they talk about the marina. “It’s tensions and the only way to solve it is to do a complete service review of the operation.”

She said having the review would allow partners to raise and seek to resolve these issues which are raised on a monthly basis. Director Ramsey agreed with the review but wanted to leave it alone for a while, perhaps January. He used the board’s dealings with the Haisla as an example. Director Dave Brocklebank wanted to put it In Camera. Scott replied she was talking about a public document.

The board then went into a discussion on how the vote should be weighted. Scott made a motion to table the vote and the tabling motion was carried.

The board continued to go through the rest of the letters. Again, Scott pointed out the Board should be responding to the letters, not Administration. McLeod suggested Administration bringing their response to the board before sending it.

Both Directors Doug McLeod and Corrine Scott objected to the letters being covered in handwritten notes from Administration. Scott pointed out these notes should be provided to the Regional District in the form of a memo. Bidgood agreed because these notes distort his ability to come to a decision on the letters.

During the discussion, the board also offended the sole representative of the MK Bay Users Group, President Victor Lick by saying he only represents one person. He corrected them by saying he represents hundreds.

At a Special meeting of Kitimat City Council on Monday, October 22nd, Director Scott, now Councillor Scott gave a report on the Regional District Meeting. She told Council the key issue was the discussion about the MK Bay Marina, the other major issue being the Forceman Ridge Landfill.

She stated she had been doing a lot of research on Regional Districts which she has shared with all of the board members. She said the key role was support the member municipalities, just like the District is there to support its residents.

“MK Bay is important to the District of Kitimat. It’s important to our residents, it’s important to our tourism. I feel that it’s very important for us to pass that onto the Regional District as a whole,” said Scott.

She suggested Kitimat Council meet with the Regional District. Mayor Joanne Monaghan told her the Regional District came to Kitimat prior to Scott being on Council.

“Right now, because there has been so much controversy with regards to the MK Bay Marina. Monthly, it comes up at the Regional District Meetings. I think it would be welcome for us to ask to have a Council to Council Meeting with the Regional District Board members,” said Scott.

She told Council she put a motion on the floor at the Regional District to have a service review done. She made a motion before Kitimat Council to have staff arrange a meeting at the next Regional District Meeting, November the 23rd.

Monaghan pointed out most of the new members would not know what MK Bay was. The motion for administration to contact the Regional District to arrange a meeting was called and carried.
Monaghan's comment is out of order
Comment by Larry Walker on 24th October 2012
In the last part of this article, Councillor Scott suggested a joint meeting with the Regional Board, at which time the Mayor stated something like "the Regional Board was here long before Councillor Scott was elected to council".

I don't care if the Board has been here since the 2nd coming of you know who......if it doesn't work then fix it or if need be replace the whole dam structure. That's your job'''
I just don't believe it.....
Comment by Larry Walker on 24th October 2012
Finally something is happening. I am sure that the ratepayers of Terrace would like to know where their reps stand on this issue (Pernarowski, Bidgood and Ramsey) as a lot of them use MK Bay and have a vested interested in these goings on.

This issue will not go away and must be resolved SOON.