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REPORTING · 20th October 2012
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Phil Germuth congratulated Douglas Channel Watch on receiving the Rosemary Fox Conservation Award from the Sierra Club of BC. He explained the Sierra Club has been around for over 40 years and has more than 10,000 supporters.

“The Douglas Channel Watch Group was recognized for the work they have done both as interveners in the Enbridge Joint Review Panel and for their efforts in engaging and educating the community,” said Germuth.

He told Council how Gerald Amos had accepted the award on behalf of the Douglas Channel Watch Group in Victoria. He also thanked the Douglas Channel Watch for how they have presented themselves in both Council and organized rally’s.
Douglas Channel Watch
Comment by CEM on 7th June 2014
I hope that council does take a neutral stand, there is more than one side of this vote. The no vote didn't win by much. I hope you realize that if it wasn't for some other past pollutors using Douglas Channel that we wouldn't have the town we have with a first class hospital, paved streets, walkways, flowers galore, and jobs. Look how schools have closed. We need jobs for our young people so they can buy a house, a car, and raise their family. If we don't take advantage of this project it will just go somewhere else.
Thumbs down to the rest of Council
Comment by Lucy McRae on 25th October 2012
Thank you Phil. As a member of Douglas Channel Watch I was appalled that not one member of Kitimat Council uttered a word of congratulations to DCW on hearing about them being the recipients of this award. Apparently neutrality on The Northern Gateway project means that Kitimat Council can thumb their noses toward anybody who takes a stand.