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REPORTING · 20th October 2012
Walter McFarlane
Cablecar will not be getting a playground. In a report given to Council on Monday, October 15th, administration reported there are no additional lots in Cablecar on which to place a playground.

If Council wants a playground there, a request will have to be made to use crown land in the case this was to go through. Finally there are no ready spots and residents might have to travel up to 2 kilometres to get to a playground if one were put in.

The report also contained a letter from Don Pearson, Chairman of the Cablecar Association. He expressed playgrounds were not an original part of the plan for Cablecar and some areas, such as near the river, would be too dangerous.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff moved to receive and file the report, Councillor Phil Germuth Seconded and Feldhoff apologized to Germuth who made the original motion to put a playground in Cablecar. The motion to receive and file was called and carried.
Comment by Carol on 1st November 2012
There is this wonderful facility in Cable Car called the Snowflake Community Grounds. Presently having a complete clean up of the riding ring with new fencing. There is a Snowflake hotdog stand with electricity available to rent for a very reasonable rate of $25.00 a day. Family picnics, reunions, campers, horse shows, flee markets, have used this facility. Picnic tables are being repaired for next summer to get ready for a 25th Anniversary. All this being done with the assistance from the volunteers at Bull-a-Rama.
Show office has been painted, new walkway to outhouses, grounds cleared of trees and trail all around the grounds to walk, horseback ride or quad. If more trees were taken down perhaps parents with children would feel more safe to use the facility and then we could have a playground area there also. One can walk from the end of Grayling to the Snowflake grounds but it would be nice if the District of Kitimat would improve the road by filling in all the potholes. It would also give Cable Car an alternate route in case of an emergency. It is also a safer route to cross the hwy than at Oolichan Drive which is the only entrance to Cable Car via vehicle. This area is adjacent to an Ecological area consisting of some very large cedars where one can explore just pass Powerline Creek, first creek north of the Snowflake Grounds. This trail leads to the Kitimat River when water levels are low and yes there are bears as everywhere in this area, so due caution is necessary. Take bear spray and no dogs unless you know your dog won't bring the bear to you. There are trails and old logging roads to explore right from this great subdivision of Cable Car. We live in the middle of wilderness with fishing at our back door. There is a gate at the Snowflake grounds but one can park at the entrance and walk into the grounds. It's unfortunate that it is locked due to some vandalisn that has happened in the past. Perhaps with more trees cut down the whole area would be less inviting to those that want to burn picnic tables and smash the facilities. Just a passing thought and look forward to the 25th Anniverary to be held in 2013 with a BBQ, bonfire and music.
Comment by Carol on 1st November 2012
Didn't know we had a Cable Car Association.....when are the meetings ?