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COMMENTARY · 18th October 2012
Walter McFarlane
Working for the Kitimat Daily for the last five years, Iíve gone through a series of different pieces of equipment. Iíve used two recorders, two cameras, one movie camera and a multitasking video camera which did all three.

A majority of these gadgets were given to me by friends and family as gifts for Christmas and Birthdays. Each would have their share of stories to tell if given the voice and the opportunity.

The equipment I started out with was a recorder / mp3 player and a camera which was both outdated
by a few years and had gone for a swim on a holiday.

Camera wise, Iíve never been able to keep up with current technology. I refer to my current camera as a Ďfun snap.í I do my best to get the pictures I need and make them presentable. I make sure to take a couple of photos, usually three or more because I want at least two which look good. Occasionally, I get none.

One week in particular, I was testing the camera feature on the multi-tasker listed above. It was a new camera for me at the time and I hit a switch on the camera my older camera did not have and I had not realized the new camera had. Twisting the lens changed the settings from up close, normal and panoramic. I accidentally changed my camera to close up and none of the pictures turned out that week.

Equipment malfunctions do not happen often, usually, if something goes wrong, itís on the userís end of things. Forgetting to charge, bring extra batteries, clear the memory or bring it in the first place are all problems Iíve had over the years, fortunately, these do not happen often.

The largest equipment malfunction took place a year ago, during the 2011 election. My recorder ate all of my recordings for the day save for one. The last thing it ever recorded successfully was the Mayoral election debate.

When I started working for the Daily, Merv Ritchie, who writes for the Terrace Daily explained to me that at any given time, a person has a camera on them. Any person can take a picture, any person has the abilty to write, report the news and can keep people informed on what is going on in their community.

One of the features of the Kitimat Daily which is underused is the ďAdd your own buttonĒ on the top of page. A button which allows people to submit articles and keep the community informed about what is going on inside of it. The link has been posted below.
Great job
Comment by Tom on 19th October 2012
You guys are doing a great job . It must be great to see magazines like news week following in your footsteps . I hope they have as much success as you have had so far .