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REPORTING · 15th October 2012
Walter McFarlane
Updated October 15th, clarified type-o

On Monday, October1st, Councillor Corinne Scott gave a report about Council’s action at the Union of BC Municipalities Conference in Victoria. She felt the residents of Kitimat would be interested in several of the resolutions.

“A number of resolutions were endorsed at UBCM that may be of interest to our residents. The elimination of any further oil tanker traffic along the BC Coast was endorsed by the membership by 51% / 49%,” said Scott.

She explained the representatives of the District of Kitimat abstained from voting to maintain their neutrality. Then she read the resolution.

That UBCM petition the provincial and federal governments to create legislation that requires that liability for cargo on a ship be the responsibility of both the carrier and the one who sold the cargo until such time as the cargo reaches its final destination, and/or is outside of Canadian waters. Also, that UBCM petition the provincial and federal governments to create legislation that requires shippers of dangerous goods and cargo, as well as the manufacturers, be required to pay into an emergency fund designed for three purposes:

1) To clean up, and compensate for any and all damages, including capital devaluation, social, cultural, and ecological damage, caused by an accident involving dangerous goods and cargo
2) To fund research into improving clean-up methods to deal with the eventuality of such spills, and
3) To fund a sustained increase in provincial spill prevention, preparedness, mitigation and response resources.

She told the public how The Minister of State for Seniors, Ralph Sultan, has announced new funding, $500,000 for Seniors in British Columbia. This addition funding will be available through the age friendly community plan program and. The UBCM will call for applications later this year.

“The UBCM delegates endorsed the decriminalization of marijuana by a close vote. Delegates from Kitimat were split in their endorsement of this motion,” said Scott.

“We met with the Northern Health Authority, six Ministers, Premier Christy Clark, the Leader of the opposition, Adrian Dix and local MLA Robin Austin,” said Scott.

In addition to the meetings which the other Councillors attended, Councillor Empinado met with the Chinese Consulate and the Filipino Community, Councillor Mary Murphy attended a Seniors Workshop, Scott attended the Municipal Insurance Association workshop and all three Councillors attended a Local Government Finance Workshop.

“Topics of discussion with the Ministers, Premier and Leader of the Opposition included the need in Kitimat for the Provincial & Federal governments to provide funding for a west side industrial corridor road, assistance to help us obtain public access to water, the need for additional multi-level care beds, recruitment and retention of trained personnel at Kitimat General Hospital, the need for independent, accessible housing for seniors and the physically disabled, supportive/assisted housing for seniors special needs, and those with developmental disabilities, emergency shelter, affordable housing rentals, the importance of maintaining the BC Major Investment Office to assist us with large scale industrial development in Kitimat, and we also requested a listing of available crown lands for industrial use. Councillor Murphy took the lead in the discussion of Forest Tenure and Appurtenance with the Honourable Steve Thompson, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations,” said Scott.

Each of the attendees had the opportunity to make presentations to the Ministers and the Premier.

Murphy expressed she attended a financial workshop and an age community seminar and found there were addition funds for grants which would have to be applied for by the middle of November.

Empinado was unable to add to the report because he is currently attending the Council of Senior Citizens Organization Conference in Richmond.
Voting at Conferences & Meetings
Comment by Corinne Scott on 17th October 2012
Delegates can abstain from voting while attending Conferences, as a total head count of delegates in the room is not taken.

In a Council or Board meeting, all Councillors and Board Members are REQUIRED to vote, unless they have declared a conflict of interest.

Editor addition: If they do not vote, ie as in this Regional District case, their non vote is counted as a vote in favour. In the editors opinion the greatest crime commited here is the lack of Canadians ability to understand, and the inability of our education system to sustain, democracy. Count the last days of your freedom as our collective ignorance fails our childrens future.
Good Catch Thomas
Comment by Corinne Scott on 16th October 2012
My notes on the UBCM Conference stated that"Shipping of Dangerous Goods WAS endorsed, and then went on to state the resoltution.

I should have made it clearer that the DOK Council 'endorsed' the resolution for shipping dangerous goods, along with the other delegates... .
Things that make you go hmmm?
Comment by Thomas Campbell on 15th October 2012
From this article.... Oct 15th.... explaining why council voted as they did at the UBCM on tanker traffic....
“She explained the representatives of the District of Kitimat abstained from voting to maintain their neutrality before reading the resolution!”

From Sept 18th Article on RDKS opposition to Northern Gateway explanation of why council voted as they did....
"..... explained not voting on the motion was considered an affirmative vote. She voted against the motion to remain in favour of neutrality.”

Makes me go Hmmmm?

THOMAS Campbell