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REPORTING · 6th October 2012
Walter McFarlane
Rio Tinto Alcan’s camp is growing. A series of motions for temporary building permits came before Council on Monday, October 1st in regards to the camp. All of them were called and carried with very little discussion.

The first was for a temporary storage facility. This storage facility will give a place for KMP Contractors to store luggage and belongings while they are on rotational leave.

The second building permit was for a ‘Four wide’ satellite gymnasium which will provide additional exercise equipment so 25 camp workers can work out at a time.

The third was for a shelter to shelter people and equipment from the elements. Councillor Corinne Scott clarified its use.
Not me... as some may think
Comment by Thomas Campbell on 11th October 2012
I just wanted to point out that the "TOM" that is writing replies into the Kitimat Daily is NOT me.... I Always write my name as Thomas Campbell as I am not afraid to tag my opinion with my full name... I also make sure my email adress is attached as well... just in case someone would like to have some fun debate

THOMAS Campbell
Way to ensure good community support.
Comment by Allan on 8th October 2012
Self interest is one thing - but at least let working people recreate in their on way, in gyms of their own choice - and there's plenty of facilities in town, with plenty of transportation.

RTA keeps missing out on opportunities to demonstrate some community support.

...can the "Great Wall" be far behind?
What did kitimat get?
Comment by Tom on 8th October 2012
Kitimat got nothing in return . Rta only takes . Society is a give and take construct . Rta is a poor social partner . It seems city council is not up to the task of protecting the interests of the citizens of kitimat , BC or Canada . They need help . Terry Lake our bc parks minister is also useless . Terry is way too busy to answer mail and so is cristy Clark . Robin Austin and Nathan Cullen have time for a sea cruise . But way too busy too help the landlocked of kitimat. If you care at all about the future and the past of kitimat take a little time to write them all . It was so sad to tell my grand kids this summer that they could not walk on their beach this year . Shame on all of you .
Larry: In Return
Comment by David on 8th October 2012
A: A viable facility which provides long term family paying jobs. A facility that will contribute to long term taxes in Kitimat and British Columbia. A construction plan that attempts to have happy workers during construction who are doing positive activities during off hours. Has the company been supported by the Province and the District? Hopefully, and it is good to see.

Are there other ways Rio Tinto can be a good corporate citizen? Yes, and a positive dialogue will help create a community where Rio Tinto's long term employees enjoy living. It will also contribute to others living in the community where Rio Tinto operates. Rio Tinto has supported the community and I am sure will continue to do so in the future. Rio Tinto is frequently sponsoring events and a couple of years back donated a significant parcel of park land between the golf course and Hirsch Creek to the community. We may have complaints but we need to discuss civily our specific issues.

RTA Motions
Comment by Larry Walker on 7th October 2012
Question? An what did RTA give the town of Kitimat in return????