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REPORTING · 5th October 2012
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Mario Feldhoff made a motion to have a Residential Cardboard Ban at the Landfill on Monday, October 1st.

“Over the years, there have been a number of successful initiatives to direct materials from our landfill and therefore, extend the life of the landfill. The segregating of metal, car batteries, tires and wood by the land fill operators, On Corp for recycling beverage containers as well as at the liquor store. Recently, the government has introduced initiatives to recycle small appliances and electronics. Home composting units also introduced over the years, the separate grass and leaves areas over at the land fill. KUTE has been recycling cardboard and paper for a number of years. Many residents make use of the KUTE facility. Sadly, not everyone does,” said Feldhoff.

He stated it was time to introduce the next step in recycling in respect to Cardboard. Recent changes by Council have led to the banning of commercial cardboard at the landfill. He stated cardboard is a high volume material which still finds its way into the landfill and expressed the Council needs to do more to extend the landfill’s life and cardboard is valuable to Kitimat Understanding the Environment (KUTE).

Councillor Rob Goffinet asked if the goal was for people to take their cardboard down to KUTE. Feldhoff replied it is. Councillor Phil Germuth asked if KUTE has the capacity to store all of the cardboard from the community.

“I’m sure we’ll hear about it if they’re facing challenges and we’ll find a way to work with KUTE to ensure that any types of challenges can be overcome,” said Feldhoff.

Councillor Mary Murphy stated they should make KUTE more user friendly for the community “It’s not user friendly where it is located and some people don’t have the ability to go down there and drop it off,” said Murphy.

The motion to create a Residential Cardboard Ban was called and carried.

Since the meeting, we have contacted Kitimat Understanding the Environment to get their reaction to the motion. Barb Hall, President of KUTE, told us she was unaware of the motion or the discussion at Council. She told us the Recycling Center would be in favour of the ban but they would have to do a lot of work to get ready for it.

Hall expressed it was difficult to say if there was room at the Recycling Centre for the additional cardboard without first knowing how much additional cardboard would be coming in from the community.

When asked what challenges the depot might face, Hall replied: “How much we get and when we get it. Would we get it all at once.”

She also told us there is some cardboard KUTE does not take. Cardboard which is soaking wet or dirty with food, the latter tends to smell while it is stored.
Storage Container
Comment by Mike Peteski on 3rd November 2012
If the council would like to ban cardboard, and anything else in the future from the dump, heres an idea, place a large 'c' can, storage container at the dump so people, like me, can go to one spot and place the cardboard into the container. I am not a fan of driving all over in specific times to recycle something. Sorry, I agree with others, maybe initiate a blue box/bag for everyone to use. Rememer, if you the council bans cardboard from the dump and you fail to take into consideration not everyone drives and for that matter cares, I guarantee Kitimat townsite will see a substantial amount of cardboard on the sideroads and on anywhere else people see as a place to put it. I remember in Vancouver when recycling started, people would put their 'stuff' onto other people's driveway and transfer their problem to someone else.
Wrong business
Comment by Dissatisfied citizen on 21st October 2012
People in Kute are so fussy. They make money out of the paper and cardboard that we bring and yet they are not grateful. They should not be in that kind of business if they cannot bear the smell or dirt. I guess they don't know how things are processed
Graet ideas but ...
Comment by Gary on 8th October 2012
Lots of great ideas and valid points that everyone has on this topic! Sad thing is this falls on deaf ears in regards to council I think. I may be wrong but it seems that they will do what they want regardless of what the community thinks/ wants.
Follow it up
Comment by Daniel Carter on 6th October 2012
Cardboard, oil, antifreeze, aluminum, steel, biodegradables, Ban this stuff too. It can all be recycled. Where is our recycling plant? The rest of the country is pretty much following up with this. What is wrong with Kitimat?
Comment by Luis B. on 6th October 2012
I dont think the citizens should be forced to drop anything off, not all citizens have transportation. The district should set up pick of recyclables.
Comment by Gary on 6th October 2012
I would like to put another thought forward on this topic. I am all for the cardboard being dropped at Kute but am a day worker. I hope they will be open on Saturday for a few hours or else the district could provide a place to drop off for us that can't make it down to Kute Monday to Friday.
Good, but...
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 6th October 2012
It would be great to keep all the cardboard out of the dump, (and the tin cans, glass and plastic too!) but if City Council wants it to happen, they should also be implementing a blue bin program to collect recyclables. KUTE is a wonderful facility that is not accessible for many people. There is no bus service to the Service Centre, and it would seem unlikely that people would use a taxi to take their stuff down there!
Net Positive Environmental Gain?
Comment by D.Rolfe on 6th October 2012
I don't see anything gained by forcing Cablecar residents to drive approx 14 kilometers (return) to KUTE to unload cardboard when the fossil fuel burned would offset any environmental gains. One seemingly viable counter proposal would be ban only Kitimat residents who are more reasonably close to KUTE while exempting Cablecar residents. A second proposal is to build a sheltered structure at the dump to receive cardboard and have KUTE pick it up. A third proposal would see the city of Kitimat employ garbage trucks with separated recycle compartments for glass, cans, cardboard etc. like other municipalities have done.
cart-meet horse
Comment by Bob Drake on 5th October 2012
Wouldnt it have made more sense to approach Kute, or any other recycler first to see if they had room or manpower to handle this influx?
is this yet another burden on Kitimat small businesses that they a) wern't anticipating and b) maybe dont have the manpower to sort, flatten and remove staples from all this cardboard? proper order