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REPORTING · 4th October 2012
Walter McFarlane
Celebrating Survivors: Carl Kicked Cancer in the Butt 2nd Event

The final presentation before Council on Monday, October 1st came from Debbie Tulk who was there to ask Council for the use of Riverlodge for a Cancer Fundraiser. The date of the fundraiser is set for January 26th, 2013.

I am here to respectfully request the donation of the Riverlodge Community Room for a Cancer Fundraiser. Last year, we were throwing a surprise celebration party for my husband after all of his Cancer Treatment, it turned into such an event that we decided to turn it into a fundraiser and we were blown away with what we could do on nothing, said Tulk.

Tulk told Council they split the money, $2,200 between the REM Lee Hospital Foundation and the Kitimat Relay for life. This year will not be a surprise so they are hiring a live band, the Accelerators, and having a spaghetti dinner.

The whole event turned out much better than we anticipated. We were celebrating somebody who survived. It went over so well, said Tulk. It was fun, and it was a nice change from just mourning. Were hoping that this year, we can raise a lot more. With your help, it will cut our costs which will increase our profits.

Councillor Corrine Scott wanted to know why they did not donate any money to the Kitimat General Hospital Foundation. Tulk replied they will think about it. The reason they had donated the money to the Terrace foundation was because Carl Tulk, her husband had been treated in Terrace. However, she has been told Chemotherapy is up and running in Kitimat.

We would appreciate it, said Scott.

Is that a conflict of interest? sang Mayor Joanne Monaghan.

No it is not, replied Scott. Its for the community.

Monaghan agreed with her as this is for a good cause. Scott stated the Foundation started last year and they are raising money for the community hospital. There were no further questions so Monaghan wished Tulk all the best.

Later in the meeting, the fundraiser came up. Councillor Corrine Scott made a motion to approve the use of the meeting room for the second annual Carl Kicked Cancer in the Butt Party. This grant is subject to donations being made to the Relay for Life, the Kitimat General Hospital Foundation and the REM Lee Foundation.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff stated he was surprised they did not have a report from staff on their rental and donation policy. Usually, the Council gives a grant equal to the cost of the room rental. Feldhoff stated he recalls they never do things this way because it goes against policy.

In doing something that is good, we could potentially be opening up a can of worms if were not aware of our policy, said Feldhoff.

Martin Gould, Director of Kitimat Leisure Services agreed with adding this to a report each time it comes to Council. He said Administration can advise Council on items like this but its really Council who can rent rooms away.

Monaghan agreed, and Scott stated they need to know how much they are donating to this cause. The motion to donate the room was called and carried. Tulk said: thank you very much.

After the meeting, we talked to Carl Tulk about how he kicked Cancer. Its huge. I was diagnosed in late 2010 and treated in 2011. It took 18 months to fight the battle and before I got a clean bill of health. It was huge. I was, at one time, close to being terminated but I was lucky, one of the fortunate ones and made through it. Now, its personal, not only my own self. I have a sister whos going through it at the moment and a brother who won his battle with it. Its constant and ongoing. Its a close to the heart event for us, said Carl Tulk.

This is not only to raise money to fight cancer; its to celebrate the people who have beaten it. Its a celebration for everybody whos beat it and will raise the money to help more beat it, added Debbie Tulk.
shame on you
Comment by hiitsme on 5th October 2012
I feel ashamed of the counsellor that puts her two cents worth in about a charity she is part of! These people are raising money out of the goodness of their hearts for cancer and how dare you ask why Kitimat hospital foundation was a not given any of these funds! All foundations and charities need donations and you need to keep your mouth shut and allow these people to fundraise and give to who they want! SHAME ON YOU!
buy local
Comment by jc on 4th October 2012
Since you would like a donation from about hiring a Kitimat band to play at your event? You have a few options.