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REPORTING · 4th October 2012
Walter McFarlane
A request came before Council on Monday, October 1st which needed to be ready the next day. Margaret Warcup from the Kitimat Community Foundation and Trish Parson’s came before Council to ask for a letter of support so they could obtain a grant to make Kitimat a Welcoming and Inclusive Community.

“We are partnered with many of the non-profit groups and service providers in the community to put in an application which needs to go in by Friday of this week in regards to being a welcoming and inclusive community,” said Warcup.

She explained the grant opportunity snuck up on them. She asked Council to rush a partnership with them to becoming a welcoming and inclusive community. She told Council there was no cost: it was just a commitment to work with them on Housing Committees, Multiculturalism and Hospice.

All it would take is a letter of support to the application process. The letter would unlock $19,000 which has already been earmarked for Kitimat under this project.

“We have to do the plan first, and the consult on the partnership first and it has to be in by Friday so I need a letter,” said Warcup.

She also stated the Child Development Centre is developing into the Kingfisher Resource Centre because they perform more duties for the community then just work with children. She asked for a reference from Mayor Joanne Monaghan.

“So you are saying the grant is ours for the taking and all we have to do is what you are doing which is showing due diligence, desire and ability to make use for the grant already waiting for us?” Asked Councillor Rob Goffinet.

Warcup stated all the work is done. They just need the letter. Mayor Joanne Monaghan thanked her for always being there for the community of Kitimat.

Under communications later in the meeting, Councillor Mary Murphy made a motion for the District of Kitimat to support the request by Tuesday, October 2nd. Mayor Joanne Monaghan stated administration will be up all night doing this.

Councillor Rob Goffinet expressed it should include a reference from the Mayor. Councillor Corinne Scott agreed. Councillor Mario Feldhoff said this was a very worthy goal but he did not wish to amend the Community Plan, referencing a memo to Council. Monaghan said this was not the case.

The motion to support the initiative was called and carried.