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CONTRIBUTION · 28th September 2012
Uli Thomschke
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kal Tire for their exceptional service.

On Thursday September 27, I had some out of town guests, and we were off for an early morning fishing adventure, only to wake up to a flat tire! After inflating the tire with enough air to get me down to our local Kal Tire Shop and explaining my situation to them, one of the fellows promptly got into his coveralls and started repairs on my tire, before they were even fully open for business!

They got me back on the road as soon as possible and did not even charge me for the repair! I believe that this kind of exceptional service should not go without recognition, prompting me to write this letter. This is a prime example of why we should shop locally. When you support your local business, they will be there to support you!

Thank you so much for the exceptional service!

Uli Thomschke
My husband
Comment by Jennifer on 5th October 2012
I just like to add that the man who helped ULI was Gavin, hes new to his job and takes great pride in what he does.Thank you ULI for reconizing his efforts and for letting everyone know what a awesome town we have and it doesnt get enough reconition for it.Love you Gav
Passing on
Comment by MS on 2nd October 2012
I just sent the link to this article to the owner of Kal Tire, because you're right exceptional service should be pointed out
Always outstanding
Comment by Ben Gardner on 1st October 2012
Kal-tire always has outstanding customer service !
Always willing to answer questions and help in any way they can.
Shop local
Comment by Rory Brown on 1st October 2012
This is the type of service you can always expect from Kal Tire in Kitimat. Yet people still go to big box chains thinking they are getting a better deal on a lesser quality tire.
Thank you Kal Tire
Comment by Gord on 29th September 2012
Your not going to get service like that in terrace. If you ask me I think kal tire kitimat gives you the best service in the north west.