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REPORTING · 27th September 2012
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Mary Murphy put forward a motion to ask staff to lobby the Government to improve the entrance to Cablecar. Her recommendations were to have lanes for entrance and exit and improve traffic flow and address safety concerns.

“Previously, I had put a motion to have a reduction of the speed [limit] from the snowflake on and that wasn’t accepted very well. We have a huge traffic flow coming from Terrace and going and we had an accident there years ago, where a young man died, so we put a light in and then they finally put a turn lane into Cablecar,” said Murphy.

“I think this would address the safety concerns now because what’s happening is cars are pulling onto the dirt road or staying out [in the lane], slowing the traffic and they’re passing on that double lane, and that’s happening all the time. [If you’re] pulling out, you don’t have enough time to pick up speed for the traffic that comes along at 100+ behind you. I think that would address a lot of safety concerns before something happens at that intersection,” said Murphy.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff stated he was in favour. However, he wanted staff to go back and dust off older motions for merging lanes and turn off lanes at Cablecar, the cemetery, the village road and a number of related motions which he wanted forwarded to the Ministry of Highways.

Councillor Phil Germuth wanted to know if this fell under the responsibility of the traffic committee. He was told by District Engineer, Tim Gleig, this would probably not go to the Traffic Committee, Council has sent letters in the past to the ministry of highways.

In addition, decisions to make these changes were based on traffic flow. The last study which had been done on the Highway to Kitimat was done in 2011.

Acting Mayor Corinne Scott wanted to know if it would be beneficial for the Traffic Committee to meet and list all the issues to the Ministry of Highways for review.

Gleig replied there were letters dealing with the need for improvements at the cemetery, Hirsch Creek, Landfill and Cablecar. They had all the same access issues although Cablecar had a left turn lane.

Murphy said the speed limit does not change in front of Cablecar. However, it did change in front of Hirsch Creek and the Cemetery. There was nothing coming up to Cablecar.

“Everybody in Cablecar knows it’s a problem and it needs to be addressed. I know that I’ve contacted the Government but I’m a private citizen. It looks better if it comes from the community and the District of Kitimat,” said Murphy.

Scott expressed there was no place for people in Cablecar to go without signalling well in advance as the traffic moves along at 100 kilometres. She stated it is a hazard.

The motion to lobby the Government for improvements was called and carried.
Councillor Mary Murphy is correct.
Comment by Civic Ability on 20th November 2012
Cablecar families have a right to be safe. Councillor Mary Murphy deserves credit for shouldering what every citizen of Cablecar experiences daily. Issues like this demonstrate civic ability to what's right.
Cable Car entrance
Comment by CEM on 30th September 2012
If some villages with less people living there than Cable Car, with approx 200 families, why can't there be a better entance into Cable Car and less speed.

It is just a matter of time and there is going to be a serious accident. Some drivers are so impatient, one feels pushed to get out of the way by someone going straight through, They pass without realizing someone is making a turn to come out off of Oolichan Dr.