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NEWS RELEASE · 24th September 2012
Kitimat RCMP
During the late evening hours of September 23, 2012 unknown suspects fired shots into a Fulmar St. residence in Kitimat.

No one was injured in theis incident which police do not believe was random in nature. The suspects may have fled the area in two separate silver/gold vans shortly after the incident.

The Kitimat RCMP are requesting the public's assistance in identifying these suspects. If you saw these vehicles or have any information which may assist the police in identifying these individuals, please contact the Kitimat RCMP at 632-7111 or if you wish to remain anonymous you can call Crime Stoppers at 1-250-222-TIPS(8477).
Fire back
Comment by Concerned citizen 2 on 22nd October 2012
You know I have read some of the articles and have to laugh especially the one who said this shooting has nothing to do with drugs and was a domestic problem.If it was a domestic problem the cops would already have this case going to court.I lived in this town for many years and when I read the reason the drugs are so bad in this town because of all the contractor's,I thought who said that does not have any clue what is going on.yes there might be a very few who are helping to line these scum bag coke dealers pokets,But serous it's been going on for along time.I've heard it before its not who's doing coke but who's not.These coke dealers don't give a dam who and what age they sell too as long as they get there money to buy heavy equipment ,Yes that's right , so remember when hire someone to do work for you that your not contributing to the scum bags of the earth.Because they do not care about live, Especially when they open fire in a residential area.So come on Kitimat open your eyes, you would'nt believe who is buying from these scum bags.Kids in high schools ,adults in high ranking jobs so open your eyes ,Kitimat has not been that safe little town for along time.It's time to get your head out of the sand and start helping the cops put these scum bags away before they put us away!!!
Wake Up
Comment by Concerned citizen on 17th October 2012
As a addict in recovery, I can tell you that the drug problems of Kitimat have been here for many, many (+20) years. To blame the construction workers is rediculous. Perhaps a closer look at the people around you would open your eyes. Drugs are not cheap. You would be very surprised to learn who does these drugs. Yes you can have a degree, make tons of money. This does not make you immune. Yes, it is a problem for the people who struggle to make ends meet. We all have choices to make,no matter our income. Wake up Kitimat, our latest problems have been here for years.
Has this crime been solved?
Comment by Bill Vollrath on 13th October 2012
Do they know who did the shooting now for sure? It seems that some anonymous posters here think they know who it was and why it happened...but do we really know?
assuming it was drugs is wrong
Comment by concerned too on 28th September 2012
I love how gossip flies through this town like wild fire! This shooting was not related to drugs but rather a vengeful ex partner.. the victims house was searched and he was cleared of wrongdoing in this incident... I agree there is a drug problem here but this incident is not related to that problem... this was a targeted incident as well and the victim is vacating.. you have heard the saying that "hell hath no rage like a woman scorned" well that goes for both men and women and unfortunately some people need anger management when it comes to these breakups.. its not the first time its happened here and I'm sure it won't be the last
Less cops?
Comment by Rory Brown on 28th September 2012
If memory serves me correctly, didn't councel reduce the number of police officers by two a couple of years ago? If I am correct we need to get them back.
small town mentality
Comment by out of towner on 27th September 2012
Really you think the crime has come from the new comers ,up here for work?
That is so laughable every one person that has been recruited by there companies, to come fill positions in this town are skilled tradesmen with diplomas and high level educations. Do you really think one of us who is making upwards 10 grand a month with meals and lodgings paid would bother with your petty drug dealling crime sindicate? YOUR CRIME IS YOUR PROBLEM!
You have no one to blame but yourselves. As a wife of one of the skilled tradesmen that has been recruited for one of these many expansions I am saddened at the lack of welcome this town gives to the hard working Canadians that have come up here to better kitimat for it's people!
When we leave there will be thousands of jobs for kitimatins to thrive off of, embrase don't hate, we are not here selling drugs and doing crime we are here to help put kitimat on the map!
Were's the cops
Comment by Can't believe on 27th September 2012
If it is true that the drugs have been flowing around for along time ,why is it that when the police bring in there monthly report , there are very few or not any drug related offense?Especially when you here comments of the top drug dealers buying heavey equipment and starting there own business to hide there money?maybe crime does pay,serious there has to be something wrong with our system!It is good to see terrace police have step it up a notch and have made some very big bust.And why have'nt we herd anything on the radio or local newspaper except for Kitimat daily.You read all this stuff about young girls getting picked up by guys who have drugs,if it is that bad maybe we should be putting tax payers money in a fund and start building a treatment centre ,because if the police and city don't pick it up a notch we are going to need a rehab for are own kids.So let's keep the pressure on the police and city.
It's not just a Kitimat problem...
Comment by Bean on 26th September 2012
What's really sad is that this is not just a Kitimat problem - it's everywhere, whether you know it or not.
We have our own home grown Dim wits .
Comment by Apocalypse now on 26th September 2012
I agree with comments on more Policing , But not all can be blamed on the influx of workers, I have mentioned it before ,you would be amazed at the amount of drugs flowing in this town before our little boom. The only difference now there are more customers. Its not only the hotel ,we have other cesspools of filth in which to partake in illegal activities. The young girls who hang out at the clubs and are victimized by the lowlifes who know that to get laid they just have to offer a few lines of coke or a hit of ecstasy . We are not immune but unfortunately it is always being down played. Remember all this and multiply it by hundreds when you make your decision to support all these mega projects. Kitimat needs to grow, but thousands of jobs is not the answer if you enjoy your lifestyle now. If we could get our population up to about 13 to 15000, it would be a nice balance between a little better shopping and restaurants and still have the small town atmosphere.
sadly local
Comment by concerned citizen on 26th September 2012
You are right this really has nothing to do with all the construction.These drug dealers have been around for a long time and dont care who is in the way all they care about is money.Thing is with more money in town, means new drug dealers try to move in ,then you get shootings and hopefully nobody gets hurt.
Big leagues
Comment by Concerned citizen on 26th September 2012
I think if we're gonna have big league crimes we need more RCMP to handle this magnitude of crimes.
Comment by Anna on 25th September 2012
Can we really say that this happened, because of all the money flowing into town, much of the residents have not seen this money, or jobs.. are we saying that people with the jobs and the money are responsible for crime?
Its happening
Comment by Concerned Citizen on 25th September 2012
People are saying this shooting has to do with drugs.Few months ago I commented on coke being snorted off of bar tables and the big dealers buying heavey equiptment to start there own business to hide there money, and the police have to come down hard on them or it will get out of hand and maybe hurt or kill somebody guess what to late.
No surprise
Comment by Anna on 25th September 2012
Bring an influx of people, money its bound to happen. There was always crime in Kitimat and if you think otherwise you have your head in the sand. With the development of social media it just seems more apparent, im sure that those who where here in the begninning can atest to that. Perhaps different situations but as time moves forward so does crime
Sadly Local
Comment by Way to close to home on 24th September 2012
I would love to blame this on the influx of new workers but sadly this was the result of locals that all grew up here
The trouble "mega" jobs bring
Comment by AJ on 24th September 2012
With all the jobs, come people...and from all walks of life. Too bad it brings the bottom feeders that come here for the money...but not the work! Kitimat is not the same anymore, nor will it be for a very long time.
Here we go
Comment by Ralph on 24th September 2012
Men jumping out of bushes attacking women. Robbing Shell twice in past year and Tony's corner store. Threatening woman with knife on sidewalk and now drive by shootings. Look at what is happening to our quiet little town. With all the money flowing into town this is what we can expect. And it hasn't even started yet