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REPORTING · 13th September 2012
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Phil Germuth made a motion to ask Administration to prepare the costs and location for constructing a children’s Play Area in Cablecar.

“A number of years ago, there was talk of a play area for children in Cabelcar. Cablecar has numerous families with young children and I would like Council to revisit this idea,” said Germuth.

Martin Gould, Head of the Kitimat Leisure Services Department replied he was not aware of past issues although. He told Council Cablecar was designed with no space planned for parkland. The lots were long so the owners could maintain some wilderness. There was a possibility to build a park at the end of the streets but the parks would be small.

He did point out there was the Snowflake fairground was a possibility, although it is owned by the crown and the District helps maintain it. He also pointed out Cablecar is a vast neighbourhood so wherever they put the park would be difficult to access by some families.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff agreed with the concerns. He pointed out Cablecar has changed over the years and they possibly adapt a playground into it depending on the costs. He looked forward to the report stating he hoped it would address his concerns.

The motion to have administration report back was called and carried.
Cable Car Playground
Comment by CEM on 30th September 2012
I understand there were plans when Cable Car was first developed to have a playground just off Rainbow Blvd. So why not if the cost is within reason.
Why...because this is a great community..
Comment by Cablecar Mom on 24th September 2012
I have been a mother living in Cablecar for over a year and I FULLY support a park in Cablecar. For starters I have a hard time with the "underutilized" park comment considering there is at least 4 or 5 families at the parks we "drive" to a few times a week. There are numerous families in Cablecar and children are often out on the streets riding bikes, walking or scootering to their friends houses so I am sure they would do the same to get to a park. I have a 3 year old that manages to make it the ENTIRE loop of cablecar on his little runner bike and if he gets tired mom plops him and his bike in the stroller and pushes the rest of the I would do if we went for a trip to the park. We often have play dates with friends and take the kids to the "park" and we will walk 5km so that mom or kids get a good ride or walk in before we get to the park...these things are not only for the kids to play but for parents to be able to get a good walk in and have a positive destination for their children. Of course the kids play in the bush etc...but they also like a gathering place to play, climb and swing...what about small children that need constant parental supervision...sure is nice for parents of young children to be able to gather at the park and enjoy life while their kids play. Lastly the comment about wildlife...we lived on Kootenay Street for 8 years and saw more bears there then I have EVER seen in cable car...this is Kitimat and wildlife comes with the territory. I love living in Kitimat, I have great memories of trips to the park growing up and I want that same enjoyment for my children in their own neighbourhood with their own neighbours. Thank you Councilors for considering something positive for our Children!!!!
So many unused playgrounds already!
Comment by Peter Hunter on 20th September 2012
With all of the underutilized playgrounds around town is this really money well spent? How about we prepare a motion to have a study conducted on how much it would cost to actually get some production out of council. Or how about a study on less study's so we can get back to wasting our money on useless snow removal!
WHY is right
Comment by LINDA HALYK on 16th September 2012
How much use would it get?

1. It would have to be strategically placed for the best exposure to the sun, for rapid snow melt.
2. Safety of the children, a lot of wildlife in cablecar.

Better use of tax dollars should be considered.
Um why?
Comment by uhhh okay? on 14th September 2012
I have spent plenty of time in Cable car. One it takes 20 minutes to walk from one side of it to the other side? Putting the play park anywhere in cable car is going to be out of reach for at least a half a dozen children. Two, cable car has the flippen bush, forest, trees to play in my god I grew up in the middle of Kitimat and I spent the majority of time climbing trees, hitting trees with sticks and building forts in the bush. No offence but is there not something better we can spend on the youth of Kitimat?