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REPORTING · 8th September 2012
Walter McFarlane
Jack Oviatt took the stand at the Regular Meeting of Council on Monday, September 4th to address Council about his plans to create housing adjacent to the Kitimat General Hospital.

Earlier this year, on April 16th, Oviatt went before Council to talk about his plans for affordable housing called the meadows, a community of triplexes surrounded by a small fence and with a gate.

However, plans change. On April 12th, Oviatt held an open house to pitch the proposal and, as it turns out, not many people were interested in the middle house of a triplex.

ďI realize the new zoning does not meet the present requirements of the OCP but, as many of you know, I have been trying for several years to gift the land to developers to develop it under the current zoning with no success. Iím at a point now where Iíve decided to go ahead and do it myself,Ē said Oviatt.

They are targeting active adults who want to own the lots which their houses are built on. Oviatt also wants to get other builders into the project, developing a building scheme which will maintain the integrity of the original proposal.

However, the land needs to be rezoned because of the changes and he did not wish to see the plans fall to the wayside.

Councillor Corrine Scott wanted to know if a public hearing date of October 15th would be a concern. Oviatt stated he did not think this would happen this year because after they get the rezoning, they have to generate a new set of drawings. They are 90% complete and he would like to present them for review and comment.

The drawings will reflect the change to the right of way, the upgrades and changes for single lot subdivisions.

Councillor Phil Germuth asked if there was anything in the recommendation to Council were a concern to Oviatt. The reply was he did not like going to the Advisory Planning Commission or similar groups who really have no input into the development of the subdivision. He did not like to be controlled in his development.

Oviatt also clarified the new plan was to build duplexes on a shared lot line so each side duplex would be on itís own property. However, because of the change, the number of units would drop by around three, from 36 to 33.

He is also going to use the first couple of units to set the tone for what he wants.

Later in the meeting, Councillor Mario Feldhoff made a motion to accept the changes to application for The Meadows from multifamily zoning to single family zoning, refer the application to the housing and planning commissions, set a public hearing as the 15th of October and give first reading to the drafted bylaw. There was no discussion and the motion was carried.