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REPORTING · 5th September 2012
Walter McFarlane
As always, the Kitimat City Council Meeting for Tuesday, September 4th began with Mayor Joanne Monaghan’s Good News, and this time, it was community news.

She announced the upgrade to the fishing spot for persons with disabilities was completed and thanked the Bors family for the volunteer work they did.

The City Council met with Brian Hanson from the Ministry of Energy and Mines met with Council to discuss the LNG Initiatives.

The Kitimat Chamber of Commerce held Fish Fest which was a huge success with 500 fishermen. Monaghan thanked Trish Parsons for putting on the event.

She stated the unions put on their annual Labour Day Picnic.

“Our biggest news that I have saved until the very last: is I would like to introduce to you our new deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Warren Waychessen,” said Monaghan.

He came up to Kitimat from Gibsons BC and his wife and children will be joining him up here soon.

After this, the meeting got underway.
Kitimat Long-Time Resident
Comment by Edward on 7th September 2012
It is my understanding that when President Trafford Hall was offered his 'Golden Handshake', although I suspect the average Kitimatian would consider $ 350,000.00+ to be more of a 'Platinum Handshake' than gold, which he may or may not have been legally entitled to, to leave, little or no information on this deal was made public. If Walter McClellan has now been 'let go', I believe the public should be given full information regarding this matter, and considering that someone on City Council is making so freely with taxpayers money, the name of the Councillor who decided that President Hall should be given the amount of his gift, many years the amount the average Kitimat resident earns, should also be made public. After all, I think there may be many who would rather not have this individual on City Council after the next election.
Comment by alex on 6th September 2012
Mike I like your idea of fresh faces at the Public Works Yard,for far too long the boys club have had it their way,they were even called the UNTOUCHABLES,by the local UNION.The DISTRICT of KITIMAT has had a dark history in the past of firing the good managers who can think on their own,and replacing them with ones that follow their agenda.A number of years ago I heard a story about a young woman being harassed down at the Public Works Yard,the manager who came to her rescue was fired,other employees who came to her defense were silenced and transferred,including the young woman,and eventually it became unbearable to work there, she had to quit her employment after 20 plus years of public service to this community. I know from talking to various employees moral is at a all time low, and has been stated by the UNION many times.So yes Mike let's get some new faces and fresh ideas.
Comment by Allan Hewitson on 5th September 2012
Good to bring the information on the handicapped fishing location -- but costs were met and work done by the BORS family, not the Vors family.
Comment by Mike on 5th September 2012
What our good news Mayor hasn't brought forward is the letting go of Walter McClellan!!!!. First Trafford Hall, now McClellan, who's next?? The BOYS CLUB has finally come to an end. Now hopefully Kitimat can grow and prosper under new and fresh management. Me thinks Public Works needs some fresh ideas at the managerial level. Some one with qualifications to do the job