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REPORTING · 29th August 2012
Walter McFarlane
Sergeant Steve Sumner delivered the Policing Report to Council on Monday, August 20th. It was a combined report for June and July.

In June, the RCMP were training. One officer went to Prince George to take extremist training and learning about domestic terrorism. Four members attended pipeline training in Terrace, concerning drug interdiction techniques. One RCMP Officer attended a course for structured interview. One officer attended a water transport course in Prince Rupert.

RCMP Members have taken courses concerning the computers they use. One member took skills training.

The Kitimat RCMP have also been attending meetings. One attended an interagency intelligence sharing meeting in Terrace. Four RCMP members met with the commissioner of the RCMP in Prince Rupert. They met with the commanding officer of the division of BC.

In June, the RCMP attended Haisla Day’s, gave a tour of the detachment for Kildala School and Saint Anthony’s and attended the Grad dinners. At Nechako, they did a Risk Watch Program. The RCMP also did a bike ride around Kitimat with Saint Anthony’s.

In July, the RCMP were involved in the Canada Day Parade, set up a child find booth at Riverlodge. The RCMP gave several tours of the station and put on bike rodeos for the summer programs.

He moved on to the Crime statistics. The first number is the number for July, the second number (in brackets) is the year to date.

Under Person’s Crimes, there was 1 (10) Sexual Assault, 9 (58) common assaults, 1 (11) case of criminal harassment, 4 (28) threats against a person and 11 (36) animal calls, 4 (7) of which were bear related.

Under Property crimes, there were 2 (14) Break and enters to residential, 1 (1) thefts over $5000, 2 (4) vehicle thefts, 30 (92) mischief to property under/over $5000 and 25 (101) incidents of causing a disturbance.

Under Drug Offences, there were 2 (20) possessions of Marihuana, 1 (1) incident of trafficking Cocaine and 5 (40) reported impaired driving.

Under Provincial Statutes, there were 23 motor vehicle act tickets, 35 warnings, and 4 liquor act offences

Councillor Corrine Scott wanted to know if some of the training had to do with the industrial activity. Sumner stated when the population goes up, there is usually an increase in crime. However, they were taking advantage of local training opportunities which do not come up often.

Councillor Phil Germuth wanted to know if Kitimat was more then double on track for sexual assaults in 2012. There were 7 in 2011 and 10 for 2012. Germuth wanted to know why they were more then double then last year. Sumner said it was still pretty low.

Councillor Edwin Empinado asked what crimes put prisoners in cells. Sumner stated they were usually disturbances and public intoxications.
Comment by Sandy on 30th August 2012
Mr. McFarlane should really learn when to use the words then and than. They are two different words.
Still low?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 29th August 2012
Its great to see the Sargeant thinks the number of sexual assaults is low. Not very reassuring to be honest. I am getting a little tired of the police down playing the amount of crime in Kitimat. There are things going on in this town that would blow the average person away. If we don't know whats going on in town we can't take precautions to protect or be aware of problems. As usual councilor Germuth is the only one asking the important questions. Maybe publishing just the names of people convicted of the crimes in Kitimat would be a deterrent. Nothing beats embarrassment . Just a thought.