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REPORTING · 27th August 2012
Walter McFarlane
Mayor Joanne Monaghan had her annual good news report on Monday August 20th. The focus of the good news was Enbridge, although it was not the only topic.

Monaghan stated she was able to bring the communities concerns in many meetings. Council discussed the ultrasound at the Hospital with Jonathon Cooper. Linda McNin joined them for discussions on the food issues.

The Housing Task met with “Mr. Maldacky, the BC Housing Person” who gave them a lot of information. He was willing to help in anyway he could and said the Task force is right on track.

Monaghan talked about the public market and thanked the organizers. She thanked Councillor Corrine Scott for cutting the ribbon at The Source. She also announced City West opened their office on Monday and Tuesday down in Service Centre.

Monaghan stated Enbridge gave a presentation where they answered questions posed by the people who attended.

Finally, Monaghan stated the ‘biggest’ news was the announcing of Kitimat Clean by David Black. She stated it was a 13 billion dollar oil refinery slated to be located between Kitimat and Terrace. It would refine Bitumen and ship out value added products. It would mean 5000 jobs to build and 15,000 permanent jobs.

She added this was subject to environmental review and she hoped the findings of the review would be shared with Council.
Re: Apocalypse Now
Comment by Rory Brown on 3rd September 2012
Mr. Apocalypse Now. You are being a little unfair to our "award winning" mayor. You forgot to mention that she will go anywhere or support anything to get her picture taken in hopes it will be in a paper somewhere.
Dear Bear Whisperer....
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 27th August 2012
You are about as neutral as a condom salesman in a whore house.Any body that has lived here long enough knows that you are not neutral in anything you do. Why don't you just come out of the closet like Christy Clark did and tell everyone that you will support anything for a price.
Look out Walter
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 27th August 2012
If you keep telling the truth they will deny you news releases interviews and comments on issues, heck they might even deny you media status at the table as the Terrace RCMP did to us in Terrace when we lampooned them beating up their "clients".

Be careful we tread on thin facsist ice.
Comment by Linda Halyk on 27th August 2012
Monaghan does it again, puts her neutrality stance on the back burner again.

Why not just come out and say it?
Comment by gav on 27th August 2012
you stupid short sighted cow! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
She just does not get it.
Comment by Vic. on 27th August 2012
The pipe lines leak and the BLACK sh** can not be cleaned up. Everything runs down hill including that and into the rivers and into the Ocean. Does the Mayor not understand simple Topography and Gravity. Perhaps she should think before talking and express this good news as her opinion. I most certainly do need her talking for me.

If Black wants a refinery let him put it at the source which is already polluted. If they ship something that can be dealt with and does not scour the inside of the pipes then maybe.

We want clean jobs and a pristine home for generations to come. Green forests and clean rivers NOT BLACK.

I can not understand Alberta selling raw resources either. The Mayor should be after keeping sawmills alive here and shutting down raw log export. There went good jobs.
Comment by Walter McFarlane on 27th August 2012
Because someone is going to ask me, why I referred to this article as Monaghan's Pro Enbridge Good News, here is my response.

Joanne Monaghan refers to two separate Pro-Enbridge Events, a question and answer period and the announcement of Black's Refinery.

Both are good news for the people of Kitimat.

However, she leaves out the other side of the story. At the Enbridge Q&A, she met an extraordinary woman named Kim Slater, who ran the length of the Pipeline to Kitimat.

I introduced Slater to Monaghan outside of Riverlodge.

It might not be good news to her, but people like this are keeping Kitimat in the media. There have been a number of people making such treks, producing videos, photos and showcasing the beauty of this land we call home.

Leaving that detail out made Monaghan's good news Pro Enbridge rather then neutral.