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REPORTING · 16th August 2012
Walter McFarlane
Continued from this article here. Why? So we could add more pictures.

“Kitimat Community Services has really come into this with the food share program being the crisis intervention and the first step to ending poverty in Kitimat, and as much as we don’t want to know that there is poverty in Kitimat, there is. There is a lot of people coming to the community who are not employed, looking for employment because they have heard Kitimat’s a boom town. That’s not the case for a lot of the guys who are not skilled labourers and who don’t have a trade,” said MacDonald.

She said to find work in Kitimat right now; a person has to have a trade. This does not help people who have sold everything to move here. They also find Kitimat no longer has the $450 a month rent. Rents are in the $1200 range. Even local residents who are on social assistance are being hit hard as their rents are doubling and tripling.

“Food Share came out of that need, realizing families are not getting enough fresh fruit and vegetables to feed their children proper nutritious meals. That would be the crisis intervention to ending poverty in Kitimat,” said MacDonald.

The goal is to end poverty in Kitimat, through opening a farmer’s market and opening a community garden. Future projects might include a community kitchen, low cost cooking or canning and preserving. Things which will allow people to become included in the community while learning how to feed their families nutritious meals while spending less money then buying packaged foods.

As the final hour drew to a close, the organizers asked each booth how well they did. Together, almost $9000 was spent at the market.

“I am really excited that the community has supported this event,” said MacDonald.
Mary-Jane Varr sells her perserves
Mary-Jane Varr sells her perserves
Leo, Tudy and Tuding work the grill
Leo, Tudy and Tuding work the grill
Lynette Turner with Jaida Turner and Nicolis Smith provided sculptures for children to paint.
Lynette Turner with Jaida Turner and Nicolis Smith provided sculptures for children to paint.
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Comment by susui on 23rd August 2012
Walter, the lovely lady selling her preserves in your photo is not Mrs varr its Mrs burr, thanks..