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REPORTING · 8th August 2012
Walter McFarlane
Mayor Joanne Monaghan has done a lot for the community of Kitimat in the past, serving on Council for 35 years, with the last three and a half years as Mayor of Kitimat. This service was recognized at the Regular Meeting of Council when Councillor Corrine Scott announced the Mayor had received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award.

“To mark the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne and to celebrate the queens dedication and service to Canada, through out the Diamond Jubilee year, Canadians who have dedicated their life to the service of others, like her majesty are being honoured with a Diamond Jubilee Medal. It is my special pleasure, as Deputy Mayor, and on behalf of Council and the Administration, to introduce the recipient of this prestigious award, who is a most deserving resident in of Kitimat – Our Mayor, Joanne Monaghan,” said Scott.

The presentation had been kept a surprise from the Mayor and she was stunned by the announcement.

Scott told Monaghan’s story, how she was a board member on the BC Heritage Trust for 8 years, she spent 5 years on the board of the Northwest Community Collage and how she was the Chair of the Regional District from 1994-2001.

“Joanne is the only elected official, that I know of, that has served as president on all municipal elected officials organizations, locally, provincially and federally - The North Central Local Government Association, the Union of British Columbia Municipalities and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. She was the first woman to hold the position of President of UBCM for two consecutive terms, from 1994-1996,” said Scott.

Monaghan has been recognized in the past as Woman of the Year and was recognized as one of 7 of BC’s first women, women who paved the way in once male dominated professions.

“Joanne has dedicated her life to serving Kitimat over the past 35 years. As a culmination of her service, she’s being recognized tonight with the prestigious queens Diamond Jubilee Medal,” said Scott.

Monaghan thanked everyone for the great honour.
Comment by Sonia on 23rd August 2012
Glad you recognized and honored for all the time you put in to Kitimat. Although not everyone agrees always, at least you take time and are out supporting and fighting for what you believe..congrats
Congratulations Joanne
Comment by CEM on 19th August 2012
Kudos to Joanne for all your hard work and dedication to a thankless job.....locals always bickering and complaining.
Yes it is unfortunate we don't have Hospital Beach and the boat launch but with Rio-Tinto owning so much land the District of Kitimat has no control.
It is a safety issue and I wouldn't want to be down there anyway with all the traffic that is down that way now.
I understand the docks down at the Kitimat Village is a governement dock......if so then anyone can use this true ?
Comment by Anna-Marie Carstens on 13th August 2012
Congratulations, Joanne! It is a well deserved honour indeed. Public service is often a thankless job. Keep up the good work.
Comment by Mike Forward on 12th August 2012
Congratulations to Mayor Monaghan, and thank you for your many years of dedicated service.
congrats Joanne but.....
Comment by digger on 11th August 2012
Congrats to Joanne Kitimat longest running member of council and now mayor of Kitimat for 2 terms has done well and deserves that medal. Hopefully she will keep the good job of keeping Kitimat going... for next year is our 60th anniversary of the city. Let us hope we have a 70th etc...I hope that Fire One is driveable is roadable and will be out for the 60th anniversary.. Kitimat is my home town and proud, but alas we are losing schools, good families, who were born and losing 3rd and 4th generation, here as well the treasures of the movie theater where they now can't see a movie . Nechako center is slowly become a eye soarer. needs more businesses their. I do hope Kitimat will be like how it was once before. then that diamond will shine even more and that diamond is KITIMAT
We need more industries that will employee more people local. More business for shopping such as clothes and entertainment etc. resturants. More festivties for the town, concerts etcs...Old timers hockey etc.
Jobs Jobs Jobs and ones that is for people who need the jobs who are their and not ones that are for only part time.
If Embridge wants a pipeline they should create refineries and ship the oil in a safer way. I will always love my home town but every time I go visit I see something missing. If this keeps up nothing will be left but be industrial town. Kitimat suppose to be both an industral town and town that is safe for children and for all people., and affordable too. besides business that will bring people to town or events that will bring even more tourists..I am so glad at least the Hill Climb is back...keep up the good work.. and may things get better not for the worse. We want Kitimat for all its glory and people be proud of not some oil covered non natural habitat of no edible fish or be able to fish or see the valley covered in oil and lose the kermode bear or our bald eagles and black bears or our shores lines of the douglas channel covered in oil. Kitimat can find other industries that are factory like (auto assembly factorie) etc..since their closing in the east why not build cars GM or Ford or Chrysler since they are shipping cars to china and its alot closer to china from here then windsor. Come on Kitimat we know what we want jobs and people, not sludge or black tarred beachs and non eatable fish or non drinkable water. As well we need salmon too for tourists and for locals to enjoy as well.
Comment by liz on 10th August 2012
Congrats to our Mayor....a very well deserved award.
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 8th August 2012
What an honour, and well deserved! Congratulations, Joanne!
Landlocked kitimat
Comment by Tom on 8th August 2012
Lakelse lake has six points of public free access to the lake . What the heck is wrong with kitimat don't you like the boating public .
Landlocked kitimat
Comment by Tom on 8th August 2012
Even thornhill has a boatlaunch.
Comment by tom on 8th August 2012
she's doing a great job! except with the closing of the hospital beach by those dicks at rio tinto alcan kitimat is closer to being completely landlocked .