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REPORTING · 7th August 2012
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council is scheduled to meet tonight, Tuesday August 7th at 7:30 PM.

Under presentations, Luis Teves continues his presentation on Kitimat Issues. Jennifer Brousseau and presenting about the Kitimat Emergency Awareness Program.

There are four motions, the first concerns transmission line capacity and comes from Councillor Phil Germuth. The second comes from Councillor Mario Feldhoff and is about the National Standards for Sewage Treatment. Feldhoff makes a second motion regarding Kayaking Access. Finally, Councillor Edwin Empinado presents a motion on the width of parking spaces for Handicapped Access.

Under Bylaw is first reading for a Limited Commercial Zoning Amendment.

Under reports, there are reappointments to the Advisory Commissions, a request for a travel grant, a development permit and a report about regulating shipping containers as accessory structures.
Water Access
Comment by David on 19th August 2012
We have had reasonable access to the marine environment in Kitimat and it has been getting better. I know people in the northwest who come to Kitimat because the public have been able to go to the beach and access the water. Where else in the northwest can you get to an ocean beach from the road? The forestry roads/LNG access roads have provided great access with a 300 metre trail to North Cove. Hopefully, a small launch for kayaks can be created along this road once construction is complete.

Now, we have some development and for safety and construction reasons it is being reduced. This is a shame but understandable in the short term. The town has been working to gain access in the Minette Bay area and there is access in the village/MK Bay area in the interim.

Let's keep the pressure up for better marine access but let's do it cooperatively.
Comment by Tom on 14th August 2012
Is there another city in the world on the ocean with no public park on the ocean ? It's a disgrace . Can anyone imagine Vancouver without Stanley park or whiterock without its miles of beaches . There is something really wrong with the city counsel when if you want to go for a walk on the beach . You must drive to Kloiya bay , Port Edward or prince Rupert . The people of Kitimat , Terrace or for that matter all Canadians should not have to go cap in hand to beg for a walk on the beach from RTA . There is no point in city counsel touting the virtues of living near the ocean when access is only for industry unless council only represents industry. This is not new . This issue is decades old . This issue keeps people from wanting to live in or visit kitimat . Since to closure of the hospital beach we don't visit or spend money in kitimat . We instead drive three times the distance to prince Rupert and we are not alone .
fire department phone number
Comment by Anonymous on 13th August 2012
The phone number is 250-632-8940 but if there was a fire it would just be 911...
Kayak access....
Comment by Larry on 13th August 2012
I could not agree more. Things have got to change in Kitimat or we could soon become another Grand Isle.....
Whats the numberr to the fire department?
Comment by Sean Tome on 8th August 2012
Today I googled the Kitimat Fire Department; the very first link under Kitimat Fire Department incorrectly lists the phone number. When I called I reached the Humane Society.

In this age of technology, more people use google than phonebooks. I think that this should be sorted out.

Unless cutbacks have forced us to make it rain cats and dogs to put out a fire....sorry bad joke :)
kayak access????
Comment by marc on 7th August 2012
why not ocean access?? i appreciate that kayak access is an issue.. however what about people who want to touch seaweed... maybe be so bold as to walk the shoreline at low tide with children... maybe even throw a stick in the ocean for a dog???? like i have said in the past if Kitimat is the "gateway to the pacfic" someone should unlock the gate!! or council should get some of those quarter per view bino's installed so regular folks can see the ocean from the viewpoint at least...