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REPORTING · 1st August 2012
Walter McFarlane
The Source has been renovating the old Pizza Factory in the mall for the last couple of months and are moving in. We were told opening day will be August the 15th.
how's that song go?
Comment by Bob Drake on 23rd August 2012
Oh yeah "Lost in the sixties tonight".

We have badly needed retail moving in to empty buildings and the assasinations have begun before the store even opens. Then the Mayor declines to cut the ribbon for political purposes.

Yep-welcome to business in Kitimat

* bangs head slowly on desk*
What is the "Real Story"?
Comment by Sandra Capezzuto on 19th August 2012
It seems some people are implying that there is more to it than what has already been published. I think it would be nice if they filled in the rest of us.
Comment by User on 18th August 2012
Heres a question..did any of the old employees even apply at the new store? They certainly would have been good candidates but I understand there is a protocol and they obviously need to apply for the position as does everyone else who wants to get a job.
Lets get one thing straight...
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 17th August 2012
The Pitzels were trying to sell the store before head office decided to take it over. So yes they lost an opportunity to sell the franchise but I definitely will spend my money at the source in Kitimat, Terrace will get as little money as possible out of me.
Comment by JA on 17th August 2012
Its OBVIOUS nobody who has commented on here negatively about the source knows the full story. Keep it to yourself until you do. You have NO IDEA why the corporate store took over and moved in and youre only making assumptions. Makes me sick that you are being so rude and judging all these hard working employees because of the old store. Completely Shameful to see what kind of crap these employees will have to deal with
Corporate Bully Indeed
Comment by Ali Chisholm on 15th August 2012
I was an employee for Ken and Linda and was there for the entire ordeal. I understand the new employees had nothing to do with shutting us down, but the Source was greedy plain and simple, and could have kept the old employees... Life goes on, but for me it will be life without shopping at The Source.
Full Story
Comment by Linda Halyk on 8th August 2012
What can the the full story be?
Seems obvious, Corporate bully wants more money in their own pockets.

What reason can their be to shut down a rep shop and open a corp shop other than greed.
Hey Carlos
Comment by Ric on 6th August 2012
Hi Carlos, you may have a valid point. Tell you what lets meet and chat about it, I suggest the Dragon Cafe would be a good place. Oh Hang on a moment.
I Know I will be "OUT--Sourcing"
Good to see.
Comment by Mike Forward on 3rd August 2012
Nice to see The Source is almost ready to open. The local staff being hired to work in this store deserve a clean slate, they had nothing to do with the decision to end the partnership with Bookmasters and thusly don't deserve flak for it.
Source moving in
Comment by Carlosroberto on 2nd August 2012
On one hand we have people complaining about the lack of new business in Kitimat, then you have the usual malcontents slagging one that does intend to open by trying to foment a boycott.

Agreed, IF what we hear about the treatment of Ken and Linda is true it leaves a bad taste in one's mouth, but, a boycott is not the answer.

Comment by Rudy Schmitt on 2nd August 2012
Ok,no problem. I'll just go to Terrace. I go there for everything else anyway ; )
What do you people suggest?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 2nd August 2012
None of us know the full story , do you suggest we go shop in Terrace. Use some common sense people.
Comment by John De Silveira on 1st August 2012
I think that it is disgracefull to see this store opening up in Kitimat. After "screwing" their old reps, they got greedy! I hope the town remembers what happened to Ken and Linda, and boycott this new venture.
I feel that the mall management should be ashamed of theselves as well for allowing this to happen.
When the cancellation first took place I contacted head office for "THE SOURCE" by email and telephone and they did not have the courtesy to reply.
Corporate Bully
Comment by Linda Halyk on 1st August 2012
I hope most of you remember the BULLY this Corporation is and boycott the source.

Remember your Mom & Pop nieighbours and friends.