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REPORTING · 1st August 2012
Walter McFarlane
While it has been a while since Tim Hortonís coffee has been promised to the people of Kitimat, construction is finally underway as of Monday, July 30th. For the last two weeks, the pylon sign came before Kitimat City Council.

On Monday, July 16th, Council was presented with a Development Variance Permit application for a 7.3 square metre sign to be installed at the Tim Hortonís Location. The recommendation was to deny the application because the sign exceeded the maximum size, 6 square metres.

It was the downtown design panel who expressed concern about the sign. The memo reads: ďThe Downtown Revitalization Area is recognized as a pedestrian oriented space and a pylon sign is not suitable in such an environment. Pylon signs are not included on all Tim Hortonís properties and are relatively uncommon in down town settings. A pylon sign is more fitting for a highway or strip mall location. A pylon sign of up to six square metres per face is permitted without a [Development Variance Permit].Ē

Councillor Mario Feldhoff made a motion to not grant the Development Variance Permit. Councillor Phil Germuth wanted to know if all the signs were at 7.3. They were told Administration was under the impression that there were a variety of sizes.

Councillor Corrine Scott needed to know if there were 6 metre signs. Council was told Tim Hortonís would be able to comply. Councillor Rob Goffinet expressed they are giving a pylon sign on the condition it was 6 metres. It was a compromise.

Councillor Mary Murphy wanted to know how big six metres would be, asking for a comparison to the Dairy Queen sign. She was told it was not larger then 6 metres. She was also told the sign at the Keg was also in compliance.

Murphy wanted to know what the reaction from the developer was. Administration told Council they neither received a strong yes or a strong no. Murphy clarified the sign was not a deal breaker. She was told it was not.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan stated she had talked to the proponent of the Tim Hortonís about the sign and began speaking on his behalf.

ďIt might not be a deal breaker but I know when I talked to him, he wasnít exactly very happy, he said something to effect: Ďit seems Kitimat always has to change everything,íĒ said Monaghan.

Feldhoff made a tabling motion until they could talk to Tim Hortonís. He wanted to know if they had pole signs of the size and wanted to know if they would not come to Kitimat if they did not approve this permit.

He was told the recommendation, if adopted, would not bind the Council. They would take the permit to the other businesses. Monaghan said the proponent would be in town and Council could talk to him.

Councillor Edwin Empinado asked if the tabling motion would delay the process. He was told it would and if Council did meet with the proponent, they would be unable to make any decisions at said meeting. There would have to be a special meeting of Council for these decisions to take place.

The motion regarding the pylon sign was tabled.

On Monday July 23rd, the pylon sign returned to Council under a different light. The Development Variance Permit had been with drawn. Joel Mercer, a representative of Tim Hortonís communicated to the District they will construct a smaller sign, no larger then 6 square metres per face.

Monaghan said it was good to see the project is going ahead. Councillor Rob Goffinet moved the recommendation, to receive and file, and thank Tim Hortonís. It was called and carried.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 18th August 2012
Why are you assuming it was the Union that put Robins out of business. The owners wanted to move and were trying to sell out. On another note, yes at the moment because of the amount of well paying jobs, the students are taking those entry level jobs, but until very recently, many of those jobs were filled by single mothers with kids trying to survive and in the very near future this will be happening again because contrary to what our govts. tell us the economy is going down the drain fast.
Comment by Bob Drake on 13th August 2012
Medical is not a high end perk-Dental coverage would be, especially since most of your staff are either younger kids or womed who are covered by either their parents or husbands employers. Pensions and shift differential payments along with ATO benefits are unheard of in the fast food industry, except here in Kitimat.
My final comment would be that if the employees approached the Union, then they got represented right out of a job and maybe next time, they will think, or look elsewhere to see what is the norm in that industry for wages and benefits, except of course, in Kitimat.
Union raid?
Comment by Rory Brown on 7th August 2012
Bob, the employees of Robins went to the union, the union did what they were assked to do. Represent to employees to be treated fairly.
I agree with SW. Councel needs to stop with the "where should we move " crap and focuse on the town, not themselves.
What do you consider high end perks?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 3rd August 2012
Is dental and medical coverage a high end perk?There is nothing wrong with having those types of benefits. It should be mandatory that an employer has to pay those that way the ones who don't include it in their benefits package don't have an advantage. The costs get passed along to the consumer I know ,but its worth it. And by the way ,until very recently people have had to support families on those meager wages and the way the whole world is going down the toilet ,they will be again ,Canada is not immune to what is going on around the world contrary to what Stephen Harper is telling us.
Great news.
Comment by Mike Forward on 3rd August 2012
Nice to see Council and Timmy's come to an agreement about the signage, and construction can begin. Businesses like these bring with them entry level employment opportunities that - hopefully - the youth in Kitimat can move towards. Can't wait to see them open their doors.
Comment by Bob Drake on 2nd August 2012
Define "treated fairly" and who defines it?

Was it fair the investor behind the former donut shop put his families financial future on the line only to be dumped on by people who thought of it as a career and needed retirement benefits and other high end "perks"?
Do you think theres a reason that it took this long for Kitimat to be finally included in the Timmies empire? How's the only union DQ in Canada treating you these days?
Oh yay...
Comment by SW on 2nd August 2012
I don't see why this has been such a big deal for Kitimat to get a Tim Hortons - has anyone seen the construction that is happening in our Terrace mall? They are going to be getting much more than a measly Tim Hortons. I think council should stop focusing on where to hold their meetings, signage, bars and what to do with a wading pool and start focusing on creating a better retail business economy in Kitimat. We have the perfect opportunity at this moment to retain families and retirees in Kitimat, instead rental and house prices are getting jacked up, we're getting a TIM HORTONS and a Source and everything else is just staying the same.
Comment by Rudy Schmitt on 2nd August 2012
Thats a cheap shot. This union has been a leader in workers basic rights. Should you be so fortunate to be standing under 2301's umbrella rather that standing on the outside getting pissed on.
Gimme a break...
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 2nd August 2012
If the staff is treated fairly they wont be raided by anyone.
No worries
Comment by Bob Drake on 1st August 2012
It'll be the subject of a CAW raid within 5 days of opening and then be locked up for 6 months like Robin's was over "pension and shift differential" issues

only in Kitimat......
Relax Ralphy
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 1st August 2012
Its not a big deal, Timmies should respect our bylaws and by all accounts they have. The bottom line when a business decides to come to town they come because there is money to be made. They have a prime location they shouldn't need a sign at all to attract customers ,even out of towners will find it in its location. One sign is one thing what if every business located in the mall wanted a pole sign,things can get ugly pretty quick .
Timmy's sign
Comment by Ralph on 1st August 2012
Only in Kitimat. They'll let them run a booze can at the construction camp but not allow a sign that's a little bit bigger. Give your head a shake Kitimat council. Let's be a little more business freindly. God knows this town needs it.