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NEWS RELEASE · 20th July 2012
Walter McFarlane
Luis Teves got up before Council at their Regular Meeting on July 16th. It has been three years since the last time he stepped forward to speak to Council and he wished to address them.

He noted that he had come to present on July third but was turned away. He blamed his prior appearance for that. Monaghan chuckled. Teves also promised he would return to continue to address Council if he went over his ten minutes of allotted time.

“The purpose of me being here, is there is a lot of things going on that I hear, as I know a lot of people, not just locally but in many places, that… they can’t invest here. They just can’t invest. They’re being told to go to Terrace,” said Teves.

He told Council how he was told he could not talk about the administration as a part of his presentation. He promised he would share no names.

“But, there is no way we can get to the bottom of what’s going on unless we point at the people responsible for running this town. You are all in possession of a letter from the Girls at Remax. I haven’t heard absolutely nothing about any action taking against the people or person responsible for what’s going on. That means there is millions of dollars going out of town,” said Teves.

Council was well aware of the letter he was talking about. Monaghan informed him these were personnel issues which should be In Camera. We at the Kitimat Daily consulted with Teves and “the girls from Remax” further on this.

We were told there were two businesses which wished to set up shop in Kitimat but were turned away by a representative at the District of Kitimat offices when the part of town they were looking at could not be rezoned to meet their needs. We were also told Municipal Manager Ron Poole has dealt with it.

Teves expressed the Mayor and the Council were elected to look out for their taxpayers and there were still people around town who care for the community and who see the community going nowhere. He expressed the Industrial Park being built in Terrace could have been a business which was turned away from Kitimat.

He told Council Kitimat was down to two Public Schools from five and he had predicted this when the School Districts merged back in the nineties. He also expressed there were no children playing in the parks.

Teves asked: “What are we going to wait for to push the panic button? ‘Oh wait, we can’t talk about secrets. We have secrets. We can’t tell you. We run the town and it speaks for itself.’ Eventually, when all these major companies come in here to build, [with] the billions of dollars that they are going to spend here, where are the people that are going to work there going to live?”

He expressed there was a big box store coming to Terrace. Kitimat was the Jewel of the North, but the community can not discuss the problems facing the Kitimat because of the secrets which are kept in In Camera Meetings.

Luis told the Council the people of Kitimat are not stupid. A friend of his moved back to Kitimat after many years and wanted to know what had happened. Teves told him the town was dieing/dead.

There used to be 1500 students in the High School. Now, it’s down to between 400-500 people. “That is the end result of these secrets. There are secrets here,” said Teves.

He asked Council what they were afraid of. They run the town and yet one of their administration is refusing to budge on zoning for billion dollar projects. He accused Council of not being aware of these projects.

“It hurts me when we were the jewel of the north and now we’re the laughing stock of the whole province. I am ashamed to say to people, I am from Kitimat,” said Teves.

He told Council that he had 20 million dollars in his hand and was looking to purchase land in Mountainview Square 2 years ago. On this piece of land, he was willing to build a multilevel care facility with two doctors. He was told the District of Kitimat was saving the lot for when other investors already in Mountainview Square when they wanted to invest there.

He reminded Monaghan that she was on Council during this time, and 22 years ago when he was looking for land. He respected her for it. At this point, she called time. Teve’s time was up. He promised to continue at the next meeting.

Monaghan thanked Teves for telling her how good she was.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 3rd August 2012
All the waterfront property in reasonable distance is owned by Alcan . Funny how an Independant Power Producer needs to own so much land around Kitimat just to produce electricity. PS RTA is classified by the courts as an IPP since the power sales agreement. That is their sole reason for being here according to the corrupt judge who ruled on the case,producing Aluminum is just a hobby.
Right on
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 2nd August 2012
Couldn't agree with you more CEM.
Firehall and Council Chambers.
Comment by CEM on 2nd August 2012
Why is it all of a sudden Ktimat needs a new Firehall when Prince Rupert has a population of some 12000 people and a very small firehall and Kitimat has less of a popluation and now needs to spend millions for a new firehall.
Kitimat council has wasted money paying rent at the mall for many years to some out ot town buisness owner.
Kitimat has had a very large tax base over the years and should of had their own buildings for council chambers. Why now ? When the sidewalks are falling apart and we should have a much used walkway along the viewpoint instead of planting more trees. We have enough trees along the view point to block the magnificent view...the real "jewel of Kitimat" and has never been focused on. No waterfront properties, restaurants or walkways. Somebody's heads in the clouds ?
what a farce
Comment by Julie on 30th July 2012
Glad to see that Lois has finally put his thumb and finger down on the so-called mayor. So when does the mayor try to meet our needs as tax payers? How long is it going to take for her to realize that Kitimat is not wearing poodle skirts and men are not wearing wing-tip shoes? When do we move out of the 1950's and into 2012+? Kitimat needs more retail businesses! She says we need to keep our money local but that to me says she also means Terrace. We spend out but no businesses come in-WHAT A FARCE.
Comment by Ralph on 23rd July 2012
Good headline. From my perspective, and I've lived here my whole life, Kitimat's never been open to business.
No more secrets
Comment by Anonymous on 22nd July 2012
Looking forward to Mr Teves 2nd presentation. The community is keeping an eye on this one. Good work Luis
Letter from Remax?
Comment by Aaron von Schleinitz on 20th July 2012
Is there an article coming out about this letter from remax and the two businesses turned away?
Comment by Linda Halyk on 20th July 2012
Perfect timing on the Mayor's part, call time as the presenter supossedly gives you a comment.

Lets wait for the complete story.