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COMMENTARY · 12th July 2012
Walter McFarlane
On Tuesday, July Third, Kitimat Council voted to have administration look into a Mobile Council Chambers from ATCO as an option for a new building. They emphasised this is a mobile structure and not a trailer.

But Council is right, this new structure is not a trailer… it’s three. However, semantics aside, the District of Kitimat should be investing in making the community easily accessible first.

Yes, City Council is an important function of the community and yes, everyone should have a chance to attend their meetings.

It has been pointed out numerous times by people with disabilities that the handicapped parking stalls in the District of Kitimat controlled parking lots are too small for people with disabilities to use. I was recently told this is still an issue in the community.

People in wheelchairs and people who have mobility issues require a lot of room to get in and out of vehicles.

Other people have pointed out there are not enough handicapped parking stalls in the vicinity of the mall and in other parts of town where people shop. Councillor Corrine Scott has even brought up the uneven sidewalks in the vicinity of the mall, which are difficult on people with wheel chairs.

The Council Chambers are not the only problematic location. The Kitimat Museum and Archives is not only looking for a larger location, but its upper floor is inaccessible for people in wheel chairs.

They had one of those handy stair climbers like they have at the fire hall, but it was mothballed shortly after the battery died while a senior was halfway down the stairs.

Past City Councillors have been challenged to put this town’s access to the test. Can they (the Council) manoeuvre around the community in wheel chairs? After all, people who do not face these challenges on a day to day basis have no idea what these difficulties are.

The idea is not to make one facet of the community accessible; it is to make the community accessible to everyone.
use the mall!
Comment by outdoorsman on 12th July 2012
it use to be done in the mall hell were paying for it so we better use it why was it ever changed i been to them way back then its not much smaller then the place they are in now oh thats y it would save us money !!!